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Monday, 7 September 2020

Community Centre celebrates 10 years in current building

Milford on Sea Community Centre are celebrating their 10th Anniversary in its current building.

Of course they cannot have the usual gatherings to celebrate, but the Trustees have come up with a souvenir, a challenge and an appeal, all in a celebratory spirit, naturally.

10th Anniversary Booklet

A potted history of the past 10 years with contributions from some of those who set up the original Centre in 2007 and those who oversaw the creation of the current building in 2010. 

Plus some volunteers’ memories and appreciation of the Centre. This will be available from the Charity Shop and the Centre (mornings only) and some other local outlets (to be confirmed – check our website for latest info). It is priced 50p.

Decade 10x Challenge

Open to all ages, the Challenge is to make something with 10 items or do something 10 times. 

This may be making 10 Anniversary cupcakes, or dancing for 10 mins, running/walking for 10km or 10 miles, doing 10 press-ups, making a flower arrangement using 10 flowers/plants, composing a 10-line poem, writing down 10 memorable events you have attended at the Centre during the past decade, or anything else that inspires you!

All we need is a photograph, or sheet of paper for written material, which will then put on the website.

At the end of September, the Trustees will select two winners – under and over 16 years old, who will receive a special prize – please send your entries marked “Challenge” to or if on paper, pop it in an envelope and post through the Centre’s letterbox. 

It is hoped that this challenge will be fun and will inspire residents of Milford on Sea and the surrounding area.

“£10 for 10” Appeal

If you have visited the Centre in the past decade, you are asked to consider making a £10 donation towards the next 10 years, hopefully all virus-free. Please click here to donate, or put your donation in an envelope and post through the Centre’s letterbox. Thank you in anticipation! 

Milford on Sea Community Centre
Sea Road, Milford on Sea

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