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Monday, 7 September 2020

Update on welcoming Newcomers to Milford

We have received the message below from Ruth Bufton, who for many years has selflessly organised and run the Newcomers Supper each year.

Dear Newcomers Exhibitors and Milford folk, 

Well as you can imagine we will not be doing a Newcomers Supper this year. I thought about doing an exhibition on the Green and tried to think of ways to welcome Newcomers to the village but as things stand it is not possible. 

So perhaps next Spring we could have a Newcomers Event which might not be a supper. With the various estates being built in the village and quite a lot of sales of houses plus the extra time between Newcomers events I am thinking we may have too many people to accommodate for a supper. We might just go for an exhibition of clubs and activities people might like to join - using both the church and the hall so you can have as much space as you need. 

However I do need to know what you think about this idea please? 

I have advertised for several years for volunteers to run this event with me, with the view of taking it over in a year or two, but have not had any offers so perhaps it is time to change how we welcome newcomers to the village or maybe have a break from tradition and drop the supper. It seems that younger people don't have the time to help run clubs yet they want what the clubs offer. Look at the RNLI where would the sailors in our community be without the wonderful service the RNLI offers? Yet our local branch has struggled to get anyone willing to be on a committee. 

If there is anyone out there who would like to help with welcoming the Newcomers to the village just give me a call 01590 641875 or click here to contact.

I would welcome any ideas you have so we still make Milford a lovely place to live and welcome newcomers to this friendly and vibrant village 

With best wishes, Stay safe and well. 

Ruth Bufton

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