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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Milford on Sea Doorstep Photo Album: Update 7

Would you like to be part of Milford on Sea's history?

We are very pleased to discover that the Milford on Sea Historical Record society are to deposit the 'Villager's on their Doorstep Album' in the village's historical records.

This means that future generations will be able to see how the people of the village were defiant and still able to smile during a very difficult time for the whole country.

I guess we all like seeing old pictures of the village, now this album will looked at in the same way in years to come.

It is still not too late to be included for posterity.

The Doorstep Album keeps growing and is looking good!  Still plenty of room for many more pictures, so please keep sending them in. To send your photo/s, please click here.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos so far:
  • Photo's in Album: 93
  • People featured in Album Photos: 208 including 34 children
  • Plus: 9 dogs + 3 'Clap for the NHS'/'VE Day' videos!
  • Views of the Milford on Sea Doorstop Album: 4,427 to date
  • Milford on Sea Population: c.5,500
  • Newsletter Circulation: 1,891 villagers

We are trying to make this a special experience and memory for the whole village, but we can only do this with your help, so please send in your photos by clicking here.

Please get involved, your photos bring the community together and will bring a smile to many battling through this difficult time.

To read how to get involved; please click here.

To view the Villagers on the Doorstep album; please click here.

Please Send your photos to: please click here.

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