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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Milford on Sea Doorstep Photo Album Launched

The Milford on Sea Doorstep Photo Album was started on Saturday 25th April 2020. We thought it might be a nice idea to create a light-hearted village record of Milford on Sea villagers on their doorsteps during this Coronavirus crisis.

The album is collection of photos of 'villagers on their doorsteps' taken by villagers whilst on their daily walks. This is something everyone can get involved with and enjoy seeing grow in the coming days and weeks.

Please get involved, it will only take a few minutes of your time and your photos will give a lot of people in the village who may be lonely or struggling, a bit of pleasure.

The album is on Flickr and called: Milford on Sea: Villagers on the Doorstep. click here to view

How it works:

When you are out for your normal walk; invite your family, neighbours and friends whose front door you might pass, to come to the doorstep and take a photo. (with their permission of course!If you want to send your own photo, Selfies accepted as long as your front door is in it.

Phil & Sue in
Milford on Sea
Doorstep Album
click image to enlarge
Then, send the photos to: and they will be added to the album for all to see.

*Please also add the names of the people/family to the photo you send.

Please note:
  • You must have permission for photos sent to be added to the album.
  • Pictures must have a front door behind the people.
  • All people in photos must be happy. 
  • Funny doorstep photos or dressed up people welcomed! 
  • We do not want to people to walk further than they normally would to get a picture, we are all still on lockdown after all.
  • Please be careful that there is nothing that gives away the precise location of what may be vulnerable people. So perhaps be wary of including the house number in the photo.

To view the Villagers on the Doorstep album; please click here.

NB: We have only just started, so start sending your photos.

We need your photos, so please get snapping today!

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