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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Capture our Key Workers

Throughout this national crisis some very important people across Milford on Sea village have kept us all going by providing services, support and doing all they can to keep everyone's spirit up.

The village Doorstep Album has had many nice pictures of people sent in from across the village (205 people so far) and the album will stand as a defiant & warm memory of this very significant and difficult time.

But... we do not have enough photos of the people that have kept the village alive in the album.

So, can you help please. When on your walk around the village can you please try and capture some photos of our key workers on their doorsteps (at a safe distance and with their permission of course.)

click image to enlarge
All that we have at the moment is the South Lawn Team and Stacey from Ray's Italian Kitchen with her family. I think we would all agree that a lot more people deserve to be included.

There are so many within the village who are supporting us; the supermarkets, the takeaway services, newsagent, butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer, florist, pharmacies, carers, nurses, council workers, teachers, emergency service workers, home bakers, volunteer groups and many more...  It would be so nice if many of them are featured in the Villagers on the Doorstep Album.

It is usual with any general request that people think someone else will do it, and then no one does!  So, if you can help please do, we would rather have too many photos than not enough. I am very sure lots of us would love the see the smiling faces of the people who have been so important to the village at this time in our history.

Please get snapping and send your photos to: please click here.

To view the Villagers on the Doorstep album; please click here.

To read how to get involved; please click here.

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