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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Violet inspires poppy fundraising

Knitting two Remembrance Poppies, one each for herself and Violet her daughter led to a lot more knitting for Milford on Sea mum Kirsty Long.

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On being told of the significance of the Remembrance Poppy from her mum, Violet had the idea that maybe more Poppies could be made and donations requested for 'The War Men' as she touchingly described them. 

After much knitting, about sixty Poppies were produced, and in addition to advertising them on Facebook and taking orders, the Poppies were also available in Village News in Milford on Sea, where proprietor Mark and his customers are always very supportive of the Poppy Appeal. 

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Purple versions of the poppies, which commemorate the horses and other animals which died in war service were also available. 

Violet's idea has resulted in an extra £176 in donations for this years Poppy Appeal in Milford on Sea, so a big 'well done' and thank you is due to Violet and mum Kirsty. 

Violet is currently learning to knit, in time for next years Poppy Appeal!

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