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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Anyone Seen Squirrel?

A well loved family pet has gone missing, and we have been asked to see if anyone can help please.

He is called Squirrel and has been missing from Pless Road since Monday evening (27th May). He is 16 years old and is wearing a red collar with id tags (unless he’s lost it). Picture attached.

If anyone has found him or seen him, it would be great if you could please contact: Clare or Peter Johnston on 01590 645152 or 07984 974881. They would be very grateful, and no doubt relieved.



  1. Hi David

    I’m very happy and relieved to be able to let you and your readers know that Squirrel returned home early this morning (Friday). He was very hungry and tired but otherwise seems none the worse for his adventure.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our kind neighbours who checked their sheds/garages, kept a lookout for him and phoned us with sightings. Everyone we spoke to during our search was so sympathetic and concerned for him. It has just confirmed to us that moving to Milford is one of our best decisions in life (not that we ever had any doubts). There is a real sense of community and looking out for each other. We kept saying to each other "you wouldn't get this in London".

    Thanks again for publicising his plight.

    Clare and Peter

  2. So pleased to hear Squirrel came home safe and well.