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Friday, 2 March 2012

Cliff Top Fire

Last weekend a Milford on Sea cliff top fire caused quite a lot of excitement for impromptu spectators.  It is unknown how the fire started, but theories that it was caused a crashing meteor, started as a signal to the Isle of Wight or was ignited by the friction of over enthusiastic lovers have all been dismissed. 

Whilst out walking a local professional photographer, David Freeman managed to grab some spectacular photos of the event, which he is happy to share with us all below.

David is based in New Milton and has been described as “Truly a photographer like no other – his style is so unique and special”. 

click on images to enlarge

David states “I believe that photography is all about capturing expression and emotion - a moment in time and a memory for a lifetime”.  Looking st his pictures, that all sounds spot on to me.

To see more examples of his work and the services he offers please visit his website by clicking below: 

Tel : 07776 137728

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