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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

MoS Tennis Club hosts Touchtennis

Milford on Sea Tennis & Squash Club are hosting a Touchtennis Tournament in August.

Touchtennis is a modified version of regular tennis, played on smaller courts and with shorter rackets (21" rackets) and foam balls. It's tennis' version of 5-a-side football. 

The use of smaller courts and foam balls creates and even playing field meaning all abilities can play together fairly. Touchtennis is a more lighthearted, fun and friendly version of tennis, and is a form of tennis which is designed to increase the number of people playing some form of tennis. 

At the Tennis Club, they are ideally looking for 35+ players of all abilities, however, anyone 16 and over is more than welcome to come play (Not younger I'm afraid.) Its a great way for both adults and seniors to become more active, and is not strenuous in the slightest.

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Milford on Sea Tennis & Squash Club has been given a grant of £300 by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to buy brand new kits and equipment for this tournament, use of which is included in the £1 entry fee. This includes the use of kits, balls and courts.

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The tournament is scheduled to start at 10am and finish at 2pm at Milford on Sea Tennis Club, again we will be welcoming all abilities, even if you've never picked up a tennis racket in your life they would be happy for these players to come and be introduced to Tennis.

Here are the rules for Touchtennis to grasp a better understanding:
  • Played with normal tennis scoring but with sudden death on every deuce point with receiver to choose side
  • Serving can be overarm or underarm and the serve may not be volleyed back by the returner. One serve only.
  • ‘If you throw it you must hit it’ – on throwing the ball up to serve, the server must hit it, letting it drop/catching it will result in loss of point.
  • Sets are to 4 games, and you must win by 2 clear games. If the score is 4-4, a tie break to 5 points will take place.
  • No let rule – if the ball clips the net and lands in correct service box, the ball counts as ‘in play’.
Sounds fun, why not give it a go!

Milford Tennis & Squash Club

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