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Friday, 21 April 2017

Look Out for the Lonely Bouquets

Friday 5th May could just be your lucky day!

The Milford Floral Art Club will be holding a workshop on May 5th in All Saints' Church Hall from 10.00am to midday in order to make 'Lonely Bouquets', and they will then be distributing them around the Village for people to find.  

The object of the exercise is to share their joy of Flower Arranging with others and, obviously, to promote the Club itself.

Other flower arrangers across the South will be leaving bouquets for members of the public to find to cheer their day up. So, keep your eyes peeled, they could be anywhere. They are known as “lonely bouquets” – flowers looking for a new home.

So, who is behind this random act of kindness? It is individual flower arrangers who are members of the great British institution NAFAS.

NAFAS is a charity that can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about flowers. From arranging flowers in your home, meeting up with friends to enjoy inspiring flower demonstrations, exhibiting in competitions, creating flowers for events – no matter what it is, NAFAS can teach it to you.

For the event, members of the clubs make up small bouquets of flowers and leave them in random places around their area for members of the public to pick up and enjoy. A label is attached with a request that the recipient contacts a named member of the Club to let them know where the flowers end up.

So, if you find a ‘Lonely Bouquet’ on 5th May, please take it with you and enjoy it!

Milford Floral Art Club
Sheila Quinney

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  1. I found one of these beautiful bouquets the other day, what a lovely idea. It made me smile all day, and my neighbours were surprised to see me coming back home with the dogs holding my bouquet. ..i just love the idea...thanks x kait