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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Milford Poppy Appeal 2014

Following the sad death of Freda Cheyney last November, Jan England has taken on the role of Poppy Appeal Organiser for Milford on Sea, a job she was asked by Freda to do. 

Jan is now gradually finding out what the job entails, (which is actually quite a lot!), and asking for your help to try and continue Freda’s lifetime work. 

A couple of hours of your time during late October / early November would be very much appreciated. 

After this reflective commemorative year, and with the media news sadly brimming with stories of world conflict, we are reminded that this is sadly still a much needed appeal. 

Although there are a few weeks to go until Remembrance time is in full swing, please contact Jan now if you would like to help.

Most welcome would be volunteers to the House to House Collection team. Many of our collectors are not so young in years and it would be great to reduce the rounds. 

Please ask yourself, ‘can I spare a little time and collect from my road, or block of flats?’ 

(Jan fully understands the reluctance for this particular task! She doesn't really enjoy it herself although it is nice to meet people. However it does still raise a substantial amount of money when everyone’s efforts are added together.) 

There are also many other things you can do to help. Getting Poppy boxes ready and out to collectors, or into businesses for instance. 

Jan has booked the Community Centre for November’s ‘First Friday’ lunch and would also welcome any assistance with that, as she would welcome ideas for other fundraising events which could be organised, maybe not for this year, but for the future.

Lastly, if no one calls at your door, please don’t forget to donate for a poppy at one of the many village businesses, or street collectors please.

Jan looks forward to hearing from you soon,

Jan England
01590 642291 

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