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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Jump in the Party Tub

Village resident, Jane Ball moved to Milford on Sea with her husband and two children just over 10 years ago.

They had discovered the village on a day out, and then became regular visitors for several years. Then, in 2004 they decided to take the plunge to leave Sutton Coldfield where they had lived all their lives to move to Milford on Sea. Jane's son then spent a happy year at Milford Primary School before joining his sister at Priestlands School.

Jane said: "We love living in Milford on Sea and would never be tempted to move away."

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In 2007 they took the plunge again, and opened a showroom in Lymington selling hot tubs (Plunge/hot tubs, get it...?!)  Jane then developed the company into hiring hot tubs, which enabled Jane to work from an office at home in Sharvells Road and to spend more time with her young family.

Personally, I have spent many a happy hour having fun in a hot tub. My wife also likes an occasional bubbly dip, which she says she enjoys a lot more if I am not in it with her. For some reason she also takes the same view when I offer to join her bath time.

This may be because that, over the years my pre-hot tub preparations have caused various traumatic events for my wife, including the time I wore a more revealing that expected Mankini, to the occasion I thought a naked dip with a full body wax may have been a good idea. It wasn't, as it meant I lost all grip in the tub and just kept sinking to the bottom!

The hot tubs Jane hires are the rigid type not inflatables. To operate they only require a 13 amp electricity supply and come in sizes of  4/6 person or 7/8 people. This is only guide, as should the people involved be anywhere near my size it might just be an extra, extra large with a few skinny ones squeezed in!

Fortunately, Jane delivers the tub with a 4 x 4 and trailer, and then fills the hot tub, pat tests the electrical equipment, talks you through hot tub operation and water maintenance before leaving the relevant chemicals to keep everything going.

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The hot tubs can be hired for any occasion at home and are naturally great fun for parties, or as a surprise present for someone you may like to share the hot tub with!

Jane's busiest time of year is Christmas and New Year and this year she would like to offer all those residing in the village £50 Off a 2 or 4 week booking over the festive period.

It looks like I may have just discovered what to buy my wife this Christmas. I live in hope that she will love it, but I am a bit concerned that the neighbours may see some sights this Christmas they were not expecting!

Party Tub Hire Ltd
17 Sharvells Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PE
01590 688288 / 07973 345913

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