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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Milford is getting More Magical for Christmas

As we all sit out this latest Lockdown, Christmas is fast approaching, along with the hope that we can all celebrate together in some way by then.

The 'Make Milford More Magical this Christmas' team led by Diana Brushwood & Tracy Haupt, are well into making preparations to make the heart of the village brighter than ever for us all this year.

Anyone who visited the village green on Tuesday 10th or Wednesday 11th November will have seen a group of men busy digging and placing ducting in the green, ready for the Christmas lights. This year an investment has been made from generous donations to put permanent ducting in, rather than having to continually lift the grass for cables to be inserted. In addition to the cost of the lights and sundries, this also meant getting a groundworks contractor, to do the work. Very fortunately, local resident Ben Haines did something extremely generous:  

Diana said: "A massive thank you to Ben from Gen One Ltd for carrying out this work free of charge. You and your guys are truly amazing." 

A fundraising campaign has been underway to 'Make Milford More Magical this Christmas', and a lot of village residents have already donated to date, and the volunteer organisers are very grateful. 

So far, the team have purchased more commercial LED lights for £1295 to make the Village Green extra bright this year. Plus the costs associated with the installation of all cables and lights is £1500. These costs are huge and greater than you may expect.

On top of this, they have material costs for Christmas scenes painted by local artists with a small nativity scene (the wood alone is £130). The forest of trees will be back similar to last year but with extra lights and sparkle, bicycle wreaths are to be refreshed and other decorations paid for.

The JustGiving page is still open if you would like to donate - please click here - or you can leave a donation at the Parish Council Office.

Should you wish to contact the ladies regarding possible sponsorship or simply with an offer of help, then please do so on: and


PS: As Ben has been so generous, the least we could do was give his company a plug. If you are looking at having groundworks or hard landscaping done, why not check out his Facebook page from the link below:

B S Haines Groundworks

@Genoneltd · Construction company

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