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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

MOSHRS Podcast: Milford Postal Arrangements - Part 1

The Milford on Sea Historical Record Society have added an interesting new podcast entitled: Milford and District Postal Arrangements - Part 1.

The podcast answers some curious questions, such as:

  • Saving up for a new husband?  How many used stamps do you need to get one?
  • How old was Victoria in the profile of her on the first stamp printed in 1840 – 15 years, 18 years, or 21 years?

To find out more and to view the podcast; please click here


The Milford on Sea Historical Record Society has an excellent website with a lot of information and old pictures of Milford on Sea in the past. 

The MOSHRS meet 5 times a year where you can hear an interesting talk and meet people from across the village. There are also annual visits to places of interest. Membership is just £10. To find out more; please click here.

MoS Historical Record Society

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