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Friday, 26 June 2020

MOSHRS Podcast: Milford in Domesday

Milford on Sea Historical Record Society have launched their latest podcast, this time the subject offers more stories relating to Milford in Domesday.

When William the Conqueror became king of England in 1066, he destroyed the Anglo Saxon aristocracy replacing it with 200 Norman and French barons. But what happened in Milford? Milford was in Rowditch, the southern-most hundred [district] in Hampshire. 

See the latest podcast to discover: 
  • Why King William gave the manor of Hordle, the most valuable in the Rowditch Hundred, to Ralph Mortimer. 
  • Why a third of the manors in Rowditch Hundred remained in Anglo Saxon hands. 
  • How Aelfric, the Anglo Saxon lord of Milford manor, built at Milford the church which was to become the centre of the Ancient Parish of Milford. 

MOSHRS would like to share the video with the whole village.

To view the podcast, please click here.


The Milford on Sea Historical Record Society has an excellent website with a lot of information and old pictures of Milford on Sea in the past. To visit the website; please click here.

The MOSHRS meet 5 times a year where you can hear an interesting talk and meet people from across the village. There are also annual visits to places of interest. Membership is just £10. To find out more; please click here.

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