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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Wildlife Garden Challenge: Update 6

Another Update from Keith Metcalf of Milford Conservation Volunteers:

The Milford-on-Sea Garden Wildlife Challenge is Winding Down.

As the Government eases the Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ measures, we shall do the same with the Wildlife Garden Challenge. I can also report that one of our contributors has recorded two most unusual wildlife species which includes our first crustacean! 

This update report below is the final one for Milford-on-Sea, but what extraordinary wildlife has been seen in the last few days! 

To see the latest report and list of sightings collected; please click here.

Enjoy the sunshine when it comes back at the weekend!

Keith Metcalf
MCV - Conservation Officer
Milford Conservation Volunteers

To read second Update 5, please click here.

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