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Friday, 15 May 2020

Unsung Village Heroes

We received this note from a proud mother in Milford on Sea, who writes about her daughter, and at the same time appreciates that many other loved ones are in the same position as her.

This current Coronavirus crisis affects people in many different ways:

"My paramedic daughter, Jane is tired, frightened, resilient, brave, wise, compassionate, angry (with the idiots she encounters on every shift). She won't walk her dog along any narrow paths because she is so worried that she might pass the virus on to someone else because she herself is so exposed. She hasn't seen her sons for 8 weeks. She along with so many others in all sorts of fields are heroes - just that I know and love her. Sorry to bang on but you should know about this doorstep star. 

You certainly don’t have to be wearing a uniform to be an essential person."

Really glad that Jane has her age on her side, but I guess that doesn’t make each day much easier.

I can only image what that must be like for all of our key workers and NHS staff in the firing line, as I sit in the comfort and relative security of my home.

Their stress is no doubt shared by their family, friends and probably most by their mum. 

I, and I am sure many others, admire what they are all doing for us. Thank you doesn't quite seem enough, but it is sincere, and all we can offer.

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