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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Lost cycle light on Hurst Spit

We have read online that Simon from Fuel Hair Mechanics has lost a light off of his bike on Hurst Spit, would be nice if we could find it for him.

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Here is what he wrote:

"Hi everyone, I lost my front cycle light this morning on my cycle to Hurst Castle along the stones. If anyone finds it can you post it through the security side door to my shop please. I am local and didn't buy an ice cream on my ride I promise, although it would had been a nice breakfast! Have a great day."

If you find the light, his high street shop address is below.

To read more about Fuel Hair Mechanics, please click here.

Hopefully, they will be back cutting hair in Milford on Sea soon, the shop looks amazing and whilst most of us guys are losing our hair, he does wonders for those that still have a full head of locks for him to work on!

FOOTNOTE: Simon's light has now been found and returned by a kind Milford on Sea resident. Nice to live in a village where people look out for each other.

Fuel Hair Mechanics
61 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QG
01590 718992

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