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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Milford Community unites to battle Coronavirus

A new community Facebook group has been set up called Milford on Sea Covid 19 Mutual Aid

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The group aims to encourage people to volunteer and support neighbours, and are hoping to have volunteers in every street. 

There are hundreds of these type of groups being set up across the country. Please join our village group by clicking here!

You can print also off this form and deliver it to people in your area. But please private message the organisers from the Facebook page or on, so that they can try to have a coordinated approach, and for them to know which street you are in. 

If you need help you can private message the group through Facebook or via:

It’s a start and there will be lots more to do as the weeks go on. We will try and keep people informed as best we can.

Milford on Sea Covid 19 Mutual Aid
To contact group directly:

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