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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Coronavirus Message from Dr David Badham

We have been contacted by Dr David Badham, former Milford GP and he has the following message for us all:

Dear David, 

I am writing to say that we must follow the Government guidelines to the letter. A number of people seem to be treating them as recommendations. In particular many over 70s are still going shopping. 

Over 70s, people with significant illnesses, and pregnant ladies should all self isolate. 

This means staying at home, though you can be in the garden if you have one, and not having any contact with delivery people. They should be asked to leave the parcel at the door and ring the bell to indicate delivery. 

In particular shopping on line and by phone are recommended. 

The reason China brought about control to massive outbreak was that they locked down major cities, and forced people to stay indoors. We are a democratic country, and strong recommendations have been made but the are not enforced. However we should treat them as mandatory. 

We are tremendously lucky in Milford that the local shops will deliver as well as all the restaurants, pubs and cafes so there really is no reason to go shopping. Stay safe, and keep others safe, and go for a walk on the cliffs or pleasure gardens instead - keeping your distance from other people of course. 

Dr David Badham, former Milford GP

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  1. Hopefully people will read this and take notice because of they continue to think it doesn't effect is as we live in the South coast they are in cloud cuckoo land.Please do as you been asked stay home isolate and keep safe.