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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Battle Plan from No64 Biscuit House

Clare Southcombe-Holmes, owner of No64 Biscuit House in Milford on Sea high street has written to share some ideas she has for the coming difficult weeks:

Well these are certainly unusual times and we wanted to update you of our plan (and we use that term very loosely!!) as well as run an idea that we’ve had that which we hope will help all local businesses…

So for us at Biscuit House HQ it’s business as usual (unless / until otherwise instructed by the Government) while taking every possible precaution to protect ourselves and you, our lovely customers, of course. 

We’re also busily packing and sending out our online orders as usual, a side of our business that, perhaps not unsurprisingly has seen a big increase recently, on part as it’s Mother’s Day as well as the obvious….we’re really hoping this continues and so please, if you’re unable to come in, we are online at – everything in-store is on there. 

But we were thinking, aside from offering local delivery services, shopping & errand running services to those in need, and anything at all we can do for anyone (Glenn & I don’t both need to be here and so if anyone needs anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask) is there anything else we could do, and here’s what we’ve come up with…. 

Local, independent businesses are going to need everyone's help, ours too, and so we were racking our brains as to how we could assist with cashflow, for us all. 

VOUCHERS – soon we may not be able to go to our favourite village pub, bar, restaurant, fishmonger, interiors store, beauty salon, cafĂ©, butchers, etc BUT what if us (the customers of these businesses, us all) purchased vouchers from those places for when they do re-open? 

The purpose of this is to bring cash into our local businesses, us included, to help keep us all going. That will go a long way to helping with rent, bills, staff wages, etc during what are surely going to be very tough times. 

NO-ONE wants to see any business disappear in our amazing village and so let’s not let it happen! 

As mentioned, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and so we’re offering free local delivery services, every day, including Sunday, and so if you’d like to order anything, in-person or online, we’ll deliver it for you. 

And our Gift Vouchers are for any amount, and they’re valid for 6 months, and as well as being available in-store you can call us and order (01590 643765) or email your request through to me at – payment can be made over the phone, via bank transfer, by PayPal or even on delivery (in cash or we have a mobile card machine). 

Finally, on a personal note, as a small independent local business owner who loves what I do, and love my customers I do it for, I am not going to be beaten by this! 

I am going to dip into my secret stash of true British grit and determination, and I am going to carry on. 

So, take extra special care, we’re sending you all our love and thoughts, and we hope to see you all again soon! 

Clare xx 

Clare Southcombe-Holmes 
Owner, No64 Biscuit House

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