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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Volunteers for Community Centre Movies

The Milford on Sea Community Centre (Screenings and Movies) needs volunteers. No specific day or time, just during preparation for events and/or on screening days.

The first ever screening at the Community Centre was The Beaux Stratagem on 3 September 2015 from the National Theatre. Between then and the end of December 2019, the Community Centre has screened 254 events – a joyous mixed bag of “live” opera, ballet, theatre, musical theatre, exhibitions, movies and special events.

The screenings have been attended by over 11,700 people making an average attendance of just over 77% of capacity. They have generated an income of £113,335 of which at least 40% (£45,334) will have provided profit to the Community Centre over these four years. But more than that, they have brought joy and great cultural highlights (often live) at an affordable cost and minimum travel to our friends in the village (and a bit further).

This magnificent performance has in the main been down to James Flintoff and his helpers and our sincere thanks go to them all.

However, if this wonderful facility is to continue, they need several people to volunteer to help make it happen.

There are many and varied roles that they need help for, ranging from people to select screenings etc. to administration and organisation of the activities, and Front of House support on the night.

If anybody is interested in getting involved in any way and would like further details please contact Paul on or 07477 582376. Also, James would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have on

Paul looks forward to hearing from you – please remember that without volunteers we might lose this wonderful facility and events.

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