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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Paid vacancies at Dementia Action Group

The Miford on Sea Dementia Action Group have decided to appoint a Coordinator to support the activities for people affected by Dementia in the local area. They would also like to find someone to offer Admin Support. The two roles could be combined. 

Good organisational and IT skills are required for both roles and local knowledge is desirable. We would like to appoint during December. 

The Coordinator Role requires a background in the social care sector and knowledge of dementia. 

The role has two parts.
  • 1. To co-ordinate, organise and facilitate, in partnership with volunteers, the successful and safe provision of activities provided for people affected by dementia.
  • 2. To signpost people affected by dementia and/or their families/carers to the activities provided and to other opportunities for support and assistance. 
The Admin Role is to support the work of the committee. 

Both posts are hourly paid on a contracted service basis. 

Coordinator: 12 – 15 hours per month. £10.50 per hour 

Admin Support: 10 hours per month, on a flexible basis. £8.50 per hour 

If you are interested, please email Jenny for a job description:

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