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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Making Milford more Magical this Christmas

Christmas Decoration Survey results are in!

Tracy Haupt and Diana Brushwood would like to thank all those who recently completed their Christmas Decoration Survey. Lots of positive feedback has been received and below, is a summary of the main responses. Thanks must also go to a large group of people who have very kindly supplied contact details to help Tracy and Diana where they can. 

Interestingly, a large proportion of responses suggested having more than one tree on the village green. People talked about having a Christmas tree ‘forest’, where different organisations would be provided with a small tree and then asked to decorate it in their own way. Inviting local groups such as the Scouts, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Pre-School and Primary School kids to plan and then decorate their own tree, would be such a great community project. Smaller trees might also help with the problem of severe wind gusts on the green. 

Tree & Village Decorations
It’s clear from the responses, that people firmly support the ‘natural’ theme suggested and for this to continue throughout the village centre. Many referred to the use of non-plastic and biodegradable decorations, which is understandable. 

There was a strong request for more lights on the main tree and if possible, sparkly lights and/or sparkly decorations in order to create an impact as you enter the village centre. Again, many people supported children being involved in making some of the decorations.

Village traders/businesses
An overwhelming response identified the desire for more of our local businesses to decorate their premises. Suggestions included each business decorating windows to a common theme, lighting their windows and having coordinated lights on the small Christmas trees above the premises. People also suggested that garlands could be used around shop windows and doors and natural wreaths on shop doorways. 

These responses will be presented to The Parish Council at their next meeting in September, to agree a suitable way forward. Following this, detailed planning will take place.

In order to know just how much can be done this year, Tracy and Diana do need to raise some funds from the community. A collection box will be sited in the Parish Office from the beginning of August, therefore please stop by and make a cash donation. Other fundraising ideas are being considered and ideas would be welcomed. 

Let’s all get behind this project and together, and make “Milford more Magical” this year!

For more information, more ideas or to volunteer to help please contact:
Tracy Haupt -
Diana Brushwood -

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