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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Winners at Milford Flower & Produce Show

The Milford Flower & Produce Show again enjoyed excellent quality exhibits in all classes. 

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Children from local groups and school produced a wonderful variety of sunflower paintings and decorated flower pots, Hilary Sullivan was once again successful in the vegetable and fruit sections, and Carol Dickman exhibited some beautiful roses. 

It was especially pleasing to award James Butterworth the cup for best entry from a newcomer - he has taken up gardening whilst undergoing medical treatment, finding it enjoyable, therapeutic and satisfying. A great story to end the day.

The full list of cup winners:- 
  • Challenge, Weatherhead, Jim Asher and Polson Cups - Hilary Sullivan 
  • Margaret King, Dorothy Nightingale Cups and Fairbairn Rose Plate - Carol Dickman 
  • Joanne Weatherhead Cup - John Welsh 
  • Liz Jones Cup - James Butterworth 
  • Presidents Cup- Maggie Welsh 
  • Lucey Bowl - Carole Barnett 
  • Molly Miller Cup - Alison Abrams 
  • Danby Cup - Jean Robinson 
  • Hatchard Bowl - Carole Seeds 
  • Paterson Produce Cup - Patricia Sullivan 
  • Helen Cookson Cup - Milford Pre-School 
  • John Pither Cup - Christine Calder 
  • George Dowland Cup - Lexie Saunders 
  • The Photography Frame - Christine Twyford

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