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Friday, 28 October 2016

Coffee Companions are coming!

We have heard from Ruth Bufton, who is part of the panel of folk who meet in the Community Centre to coordinate help and events going on in Milford. One of the items brought to their notice at a recent Panel meeting was the ’Coffee Companions’. 

Quite rightly, Ruth thinks that this is a great idea to meet people, and having talked to the lady who invented the concept she would like to make Milford on Sea a ‘Coffee Companions village’. 

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Here’s how Coffee Companions works. 

The are coasters or ‘Coffee mats’ are to be (will be) found on the coffee shop tables. 

  1. One side is red and the other side is green. 
  2. If you are wanting to chat to anyone who is also sitting on their own you have the mat green side up which says ‘say hello’. 
  3. If you would rather sit alone you show the red side which says ‘not today’. 
As a starter, Ruth would like to give mats and a poster to every participating coffee shop. The concept has been introduced into various cities and towns like Glasgow, Taunton, Canterbury - and Milford on Sea soon! 

Ruth said; "I intend to drink myself full of tea and coffee whilst introducing this to the coffee shops in and around Milford and perhaps the larger establishments like Waitrose and Otters!"

Look out for the Chat Mats on the coffee shop tables or get your own to take from Ruth on 01590 641875.

Coffee Companions - Coming to a cafĂ© near you soon!

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