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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Seeking the Phantom Fryer

Here in the Milford on Sea Newsroom we get a number of requests, some are physically impossible and others we just make up the answers to.

We have now been asked about the Fish and Chip Van that visits Everton every week?

My wife has now told me where Everton is, but knows nothing about the van.

Apparently, a mobile fish and chip van visits Everton every Monday evening – and has done for many years.

It starts off in Roberts Close at around 6pm, moves to Plantation around 6.15 and finishes in Buckstone Close around 6.30.

If you can put a name and contact details to the phantom fryer please drop us an e-mail at:


Thanks to an eagle eyed reader - We have found him!

The Phantom Fryer of Everton is unmasked as Mr Brennan of JBs Mobile. He come from Pennington and his contact details are: 01590 676469 -

We are told that he has been freshly frying fish and chips for the Everton Ladies Evening Group (LEGS) (who fortuitously meet on Monday evenings) for many years and comes highly recommended.


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