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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Dementia Awareness Week

Dementia Awareness Week, Alzheimer’s Society flagship awareness raising campaign, is taking place Sunday 18th May to Saturday 24th May 2014.

As the population ages we all face the risk of one day developing dementia. The more we know about the condition, the more prepared we will be to face it. This year the Alzheimer’s Society are encouraging anyone who has concerns about dementia to stop ‘bottling them up ‘and talk to us. Alzheimer’s Society understands dementia and there are lots of ways we can help.

In the New Forest there are 3,600 (2012) people living with dementia, this number is set to rise to 4,400 by 2020 new cases in the New Forest will increase by 43.2%

Don’t keep it Bottled up.

The theme of Dementia Awareness Week is don’t keep it bottled up. The Alzheimer’s Society wants to encourage people to talk about dementia and help local communities feel better prepared to face it.

Jane Rowlatt, Dementia Support Manager for the Alzheimer’s Society in Milford on Sea said: The week is an opportunity to raise awareness and increase understanding of dementia in our communities. We want to promote the Alzheimer’s Society as the place to go for information and support. We want to talk to anyone who has an immediate and serious concern about dementia it may be either for themselves or on behalf of a family member or friend.

What is happening this Dementia Awareness Week?

A team of staff and Volunteers from the Alzheimer’s Society will be working together in Lymington and Milford on Sea to make Dementia Awareness Week go with a bang. We are organising events to raise awareness throughout the week. These include:

• Pop up drop-in cafes, 
• Balloon launch and fun day on Sunday 18th May, 
• Dementia Friends training though out the week at Lymington and Milford Libraries, 
• Pop up Art Exhibitions, 
• The creation of what’s on your mind bunting for display in the high streets, information stands at Lymington Hospital, Milford Hospital and Libraries.

To round off a fantastic week of raising awareness in the area a Market stall in Lymington with Music and celebrations throughout the day is being held on Saturday 24th May. We hope lots of people will join us for these special events. Jane Rowlatt said the events will not only be a fun day out, but also a great way to raise awareness of dementia.

To find out more about any of the events or to Volunteer please contact your local office on 01590 644679 or email

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