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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mystery Danger for Dogs

Since December 2012 there have been five dogs walked in the New Forest (Brockenhurst, Wilverley inclosure, Tiptoe, Holmesley campsite and Gordleton) confirmed to have been affected by a renal failure. One dog survived but unfortunately four dogs did not.

Veterinary Surgeons, Anderson Moores are heading research into the total of 19 dogs affected by CRGV since late 2012 to nineteen (12 from the New Forest and 7 from other counties in the UK). 

This is naturally of great concern to local and visiting dog owners wishing to enjoy walking their dogs in the beauty of the forest.

The New Forest Dog Owners Group, worried about the mystery dog deaths from kidney failure, has decided to set up a fund and collect donations to help facilitate further investigations into this disease.

To find out more please take a look at the Anderson Moores web link below. To donate, or to find out more about how the New Forest Dog Owners Group is helping, please click here.

New Forest Dog Owners Group

Anderson Moores

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