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Friday, 7 February 2014

Fancy Joining a Club or Class?

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Milford on Sea is alive with Clubs & Classes, many of which you may be surprised to find in the village

A good number of representatives from village clubs and classes will be at Village Clubs & Classes Open Day to be held at All Saints Church on Saturday 1st March from 2pm to 4pm.

Why not pop along to see what you fancy?

A Free New Milford on Sea Village Guide has recently been published and copies are currently available from The Village News newsagent opposite the village green.

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The guide contains, Places to Eat, Place to Stay, and Local Attractions & Activities, in addition to this it lists Community Services, over 50 Village Classes available in the village, alongside over 240 Village Clubs for adults, youth and kids. - There if even more to read should you get hold of a copy!

The aim of the guide is to inform & entertain, to support local organisations and to generate trade for Milford on Sea businesses.

To qualify for an entry a business must be operate in, or be operated a Milford on sea resident. Should you know of anything that needs adding or updating, please e-mail: 

A brand new Online Milford on Sea Directory is planned to be launched within the next few weeks, this will contain even more information; such as local services for the home and business, medial information, local producers, and every service that you may need if you are throwing party, ...and more!

When re-launched, you will find the Milford on Sea Directory here: We will of course let you know when the new website is live.

The Milford on Sea Village Guide is designed & created as a free community service by The printing cost of the Village Guide is funded by Milford on Sea Food Week, who use any profits to fund services to benefit the Milford on Sea community, and to support local village charities.

Newcomers Supper

At the beginning of each year a ‘Newcomers Supper’ is held for all newcomers to the village at All Saints Church Hall in Milford on Sea.

This year the supper will be held on Saturday 1st March 2014. Anyone that is new to the village since February 2013 is able to apply for an invitation and the event is entirely free. 

The Milford on Sea Newcomers Supper evening consists of two parts. In the first hour or so, there is a ‘mini exhibition’, where you can wander around and informally meet representatives from the many clubs, associations & organisations in the village. They can tell you anything you want to know, and if you fancy getting involved you can. This is then followed by a sit down supper with the chance to meet new people & have a bit of fun.

Most years the event has over a hundred people attending, and it is a great way to meet new people, and to get a warm welcome to your new home. The village is full of friendly people and the ‘Newcomers Supper’ is a fast-track way of getting to know all about our village life.

The ‘Newcomers Supper’ is funded & hosted by all of the churches in the village & tirelessly organised by Ruth Bufton. The event is by invitation only, so if you are new to the village this year & would like to come along please contact: Ruth Bufton on: or 01590 641875

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