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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Milford to Island Bridge Approved

The long awaited first bridge to connect the Isle of Wight with the mainland is expected to be approved by Hampshire County Council at their next planning meeting.

The new four lane suspension bridge will run from Hurst Castle to Totland Bay on the Isle of Wight. To enable sufficient access, the ground work on the previously approved dual carriageway along the top of Hurst Spit commences on Monday 9th April.  Objections that is clashes with the start of Food Week appear to be falling on deaf ears.

The chair lift at Alum Bay is also to be extended to create a new terminus at the entrance to Hurst Castle. This will provide visitors to ‘The Needles Old Battery’ with direct access to the bridge, a rope slide will also come into operation in the Autumn. New Forest District Council have already met and decided that due to the significant tourists expected to be attracted, that the bridge will be designated a national monument within the New Forest National Park, and that all ponies will be provided with free passes.

The name of the bridge remains undecided. Residents of Milford on Sea wish it to be called ‘The Milford Carbuncle’, however, Island inhabitants favour the name: ‘The Escape Bridge’.

Future plans for a tunnel between Milford on Sea and Cherbourg are also expected to be approved at the next planning meeting on 1st April 2012. Plans are already afoot for a French Market to be held each weekend on Milford on Sea village green.  Being a honorary Frenchman, and having emigrated twice to Deauville in recent years, I will be providing a translation service for anyone that requires a clear and accurate understanding of our gallic guest stallholders.

A reciprocal ‘English Market’ will be held on Cherbourg’s p├ętanque pitch at the same times. The Parish Council will be providing striped tops, berets and strings of onions for anyone wishing to attend. Cherbourg’s mayor, Monsieur Le Cock, refused to comment, mainly due to him not wishing to over-excite the French nation about the delights of the forthcoming English Market.

When asked about the bridge, a local village resident commented; "Get out of my way and stop asking me stupid questions."

Due the increase in commercial traffic for these building projects, work is expected to commence shortly on the re-development of Keyhaven Quay into a international freight cargo terminal.

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