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Friday, 30 March 2012

Drama at Comedy Club

As another sell out audience flowed into the ‘Fifth Thursday Comedy Club’ in Milford on Sea Community Centre last night, they were greeted by the news that headline act, Miles Jupp, had pulled out only 24 hours before. Miles is currently all over our television screens having just performed in ‘Dance for Sport Relief’, ‘The Apprentice: Your Fired’ and even in a new panel game show with Paul Merton this very evening.

A delicious Cumberland Pie was soon being enjoyed with drinks from the bar, and in spite of our missing star for the night, all were in high spirits. A handout told us that we now had a new headline act, Mike Gunn. What it did not mention was the trauma Sue Whitlock, (the Comedy Club organiser) must have gone through to find replacement performers in the few hours available after Miles withdrawal.

Soon the evenings compare had laughter flowing with a couple of jokes, and he then started the ‘Open Mic’ session, where local audience members were encouraged to tell a joke as he wandered through the amassed throng. The tone was soon set with some rib tickling jokes, most of which confirmed the warning on the posters about ‘adult only’ entertainment!

Our new support act, Iszi Lawrence, was then on stage. Iszi is a young female comic from Bristol, and she was soon in her stride with an engaging personality and sharp funny stories. Although young, she obviously knew how to handle our evening’s hecklers with some nice put downs and a warning that ‘Mike would not be so gentle.’

As we recharged our glasses during the interval, the handout told us more about Mike Gunn. Early in his career Mike was supporting the likes of Jo Brand and Alan Davies. He now headlines at all the top comedy venues in the UK and he has also recently entertained the troops in the Falkland Islands. Mike has also taken two solo shows to the Edinburgh Festival. His television appearances include Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC1), Harry Hill’s TV Burp (ITV), Al Murray’s sit-com ‘Time Gentlemen Please’ (Sky), to name but a few.

Our main act soon took to the stage looking sharp in a smart jacket, crisp jeans and tee shirt. Within minutes he had everyone in fits of laughter, as he pointed out many of the differences between men and women. His observations were spot on, and hilarious. Some acts just want to do their prepared show, but Mike obviously liked a bit of banter and happily went off script to interact with the crowd. As our evenings hecklers reemerged, he simply cut them down like felling a small tree using a giant humour chain saw. As he got to know the audience, and little bits about Milford on Sea, his act evolved to focus on things relating to the people in the village.

His anecdotes were quick fire and painted pictures in your mind that could only create laughter, in particular, his set relating to age had the audience almost wetting themselves. (Possibly, some even did.) Mike’s style was warm, likeable and he had the ability to ensure everyone was hanging on his every word in fear of missing something. Sometimes you know the comedian is enjoying it just as much as you, and this was one of those nights. This guy was without doubt a ‘top draw’ comedian, and he certainly dispelled any disappointment for Miles Jupp’s no show. Indeed, everyone went home very, very happy.

Congratulation and thanks must go the Sue Whitlock for pulling this amazing show out of the bag, and to her fellow cooks, Marguerite and their team of helpers, who cooked a great meal and served behind the bar.

Comedy Club Nights are always a sellout, so if you want to make the next one, starring ‘The Idiot of Ants’ on Thursday 31st May, book early. There with also be a special ‘Comedy Club Night' on the Thursday between Christmas and New Year. Sounds a long way off, but tickets will be sold as soon as they go on sale, so keep an eye out!

1 comment:

  1. Who needed Miles Jupp when we had Mike Gunn?! A brilliant evening. I don't know what was more funny - Lszi's banter or the look on some senior members of the village faces ! (they were warned!)

    They really do think we are very posh in Milford don't they ?
    A huge thank you to Sue, Marguerite and team -wonderful food once again.