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Monday, 1 October 2018

Peter publishes new Railway Cranes Book

Peter Tatlow, an author and resident of Milford on Sea has published another book entitled: Railway Cranes, Volume 3, hand, steam and diesel rail-mounted travelling cranes of Great Britain.

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As a sequel to his two previously published volumes on Railway Breakdown Cranes, Peter Tatlow’s new book looks at the smaller cranes used by the engineers’ and other departments mostly on trackwork, though sometimes they operated at stations on other duties. Peter’s background as a professional engineer lent considerable weight to these works, both of the earlier ones having received unqualified praise from reviewers. 

The book is in A4, with 224 pages and priced at £35 £22.75 on Amazon. click here for more information

In series with his two earlier volumes, the book’s detailed text is accompanied by numerous colour and monochrome illustrations and the author’s meticulous drawings mostly reproduced to 4mm to 1-foot scale making them ideal for the modeller. The narrative transcends BR region and railway company boundaries and records the history of these smaller cranes from the earliest days up to the huge self-propelled machine of the present. 

Like the two previous Railway Breakdown Cranes volumes, this new book covers a subject never before tackled and so will be welcome by railway enthusiasts, historians and modellers across the board.

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