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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Village Veg loves paper bags

A regular reader has dropped us a line to say... 

"I’m hoping you can give a plug in your newsletter about our village vegetable shop. There is so much written about the use of plastic and the harm it is doing to our environment, particularly the marine environment, I think we all need to try and use less.

Whereas in the supermarkets we buy fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic, in our local vegetable shop there is hardly any plastic to be seen and goods are sold in paper bags. I’d like to encourage more people in Milford to know about this and use it!!"

Well said - paper is best!


Owner, Nick Munnik has run a successful greengrocers (Village Veg) in Brockenhurst for nine years, and  opened a fully refreshed and well-stocked shop in Milford on Sea village centre in July 2017, also named Village Veg.

The new shop is managed by Kirsty Munnick, and is located in the same premises of Milford's previous greengrocers, Marjorie's.

You can even order fruit and veg boxes online at:

(Sadly, they don't sell chocolate, but banana fritters are a treat worth having!) 

Village Veg
Church Hill, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QH‎

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