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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Shame about the mess

This is likely to be one of the most pointless articles written on these pages, as it relates to dog owners not clearing up after their pets.

I am delighted to say that the vast majority of time when you see a dog with their owners in the village it is a pleasure, and the person at the end of the lead clearly leaves no trace of their dog's walk.

We all know that people walk and children play on the village green and beachfront, and is a shame that a handful of owners leave a messy job for others to clear up, or worse still walk in.

Until the time a training course can be devised for dogs to pick up their own mess to put in a bin, the owners are stuck with the task, and it would be really nice if those that don't, do, if you see what I mean!


  1. Growing problem here and in the Forest is when people do not realise that the "Poo Bag Fairies" are not visiting today so it would be a really good idea to take the 'gift' home or to a bin, rather than hang it on a bush or toss it into a ditch!

  2. As a Milford resident and dog owner I could not agree more with the responsibility of picking up dog mess. I have even found myself picking up other dog's mess on pavements/unmade coastal paths just to placate the problem. I know roughly when my dog will need to "go" and keep alert to same. No excuse.