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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Crufts Friends for Life Award Winners at Dog Show

This year's Milford Fun Dog Show on Sunday 23rd July on the village green, will have the guest appearance of Haatchi and Owen, who won 2013 Friends for Life Award at Crufts, to go alongside the activities and festivities.

Here is a little about them...

Haatchi and Owen's story: One freezing night just over four years ago a man (never found) bludgeoned a five month old Anatolian Shepherd Dog over the head and left him to die on a railway line. The train driver spotted him seconds too late. The terrified puppy had one back leg and tail severed, but managed to crawl away. 

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Then followed a sequence of events to renew faith in human nature, through the people who saved his life, with those who were determined to find Haatchi a ‘forever home’ 

Owen Howkins, was a little boy born with a rare genetic disorder which causes his muscles to tense permanently, confining him to a wheelchair. It is isn’t everyone who could take on a giant, three legged dog, but from the moment Owen’s parents saw Haatchi interact with Owen when the two first met the morning after they had brought Haatchi home, Owen’s parents had no doubts that they would keep him. They are now inseparable and their lives were changed forever!

Just go along to meet this amazing pair at Milford Fun Dog Show and have a fun day out in support of the animal charity K9 Angels!

Milford Fun Dog Show also has a Trophy for ‘Best in Show’ Have a Go Dog Agility, 12 Doggie classes including the famous ‘sausage catching competition’, 26 Trade Stands, Refreshments and Cream Teas/Cakes in the Village Hall and much, much more!

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