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Friday, 19 August 2016

A Pink Place Lunch

Milford on Sea is of course as good a place as you can get to live, but sadly this does not make people immune from personal tragedy. 

Sonia Sewell, a stalwart volunteer for several causes and events in Milford on Sea, is also very close to The Pink Palace, a Hampshire based breast cancer charity set up by her daughter, Julia Dingwall. Tragically Julia was taken by this awful condition, but thankfully the good work of her charity carries on. 

To continue to raise funds for this very worthy cause, Sonia will be running a Charity Lunch in aid of The Pink Place on Friday 2nd September at 1pm at the Community Centre. The lunch cost £5pp.

Please wear something pink!

The lunch is the latest in the First Friday Lunch programme which runs regularly at the Community Centre. At each lunch a local charity or good cause is invited to be the hosts and beneficiaries, and over the years many thousands of pounds have been raised.

Go on, give it a try, eating and doing good is just my type of charity work!

The Pink Place

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