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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Got any spare clothes hangers?

I didn't realise that I had a view on clothes hangers until today.

To explain, the Village Charity Shop dropped me a line to ask people in the village for any spare clothes hangers as they prepare for their Summer Sale.

This made me think about my wardrobe, which have to say is a thought that doesn't enter my mind too often. It was only then that I realised that I had always wanted a wardrobe that was full of neatly matching nice wooden clothes hangers.

So, up I went to my wardrobe an opened the doors. 

In front of me was a mass of clothes on a hotch-potch of hangers, - thin metal ones from the dry cleaners, funny plastic moulded ones, a weird padded fabric one, straight top ones, ones with a funny rubber band contraption underneath and some really weird ones with notches in the sides on the top. 

Then of course there were the 'special hangers' you get for Christmas. If you are a bloke, it is fair to bet you have unused hangers for ties, belts and even a hinged multi-level one for trousers, that even if you can put the trousers on it, you are unlikely to get them off in time to wear for wherever you are going. 

The nice wooden ones were in short supply and my perfect wardrobe dreams were shattered.

As I stood musing at my wardrobe contents, my wife came in and said; 'Oh, at last you can sort out the clothes in there that haven't fitted you for years!"

No chance, I need those shirts, even if it means I have to participate in a wrestling match every time I need to release a shirt to wear from the over packed rail.

I then considered sorting out my pants drawer, but soon came to the conclusion that I have already had too much trauma for the day. Plus of course, should my wife come in, she might make me throw away my threadbare 'lucky pants' that have followed Watford FC around the country over many years. (With me in them, not on their own.) It is a simple fact that a man and his lucky pants should never be parted.

 Anyway, back to the point that started all of this - The Village Charity Shop need loads of clothes hangers for their Summer Sale (which they will be holding at the Community Centre on Saturday May 28th starting 9.30am until 4.30pm)  - If you can help out with clothes hangers (preferably plastic), please just drop them off at the Village Charity Shop in Milford on Sea village centre.

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