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Friday, 15 April 2016

Someone Stole My Trumpet

Local resident, Alex Hall has had his trumpet nicked! - Here is story in his own words:

On 2nd April 2016, I had my trumpet stolen from right under my nose outside a cafe in the Soho area of London. This person has prevented me practising and gigging - part of my livelihood - but also took something away from me which had huge sentimental value. The trumpet has a value of £502. There was a practice mute inside the case worth £113.

I have managed to claim back a reasonable amount of insurance money to buy a replacement, and have a temporary horn at the moment - but being a not so well off musician and desperately needing to make up the difference to buy a new one (and a new practise mute - so my neighbours don't kill me) - I really needed your support in helping get a lovely replacement instrument. Nothing would feel better than having an instrument (and hopefully this time for life) bought out of the love and generosity of kind people!

What will you get back in return? Well - to celebrate your kindness, I will be warmly hosting and inviting you for an evening of FREE music showcasing and performing some incredibly talented friends. There will be all sorts of different music for some out-of-town and more local acts for everyone to enjoy for one evening only in Milford on Sea at the end of April/start of May. The location and the artists will very soon to be revealed. There is a Facebook page, and also a Crowdfunding page if you want to give Alex a hand to get blowing again - click here.

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