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Saturday, 27 February 2016

The History of Our Hospital

As you visit Milford Medical Centre or Milford Pharmacy you are entering an important part of Milford on Sea history.

Milford on Sea War Memorial
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The Milford on Sea War Memorial Hospital was built by public subscription in memory of those from the village who died in the First World War. As you go in the main doors, if you turn left, you can can still see the village's official War Memorial on the wall.

The current hospital opened in 1929 and the inpatient facility closed in December 2006.

Today the Hospital League of Friends provides support to the health related services provided in the hospital, the Medical Centre and the community. This support can be financial, moral or physical such as the provision of volunteer helpers, provision of refreshments or fund raising events in order to provide resources not available from the Primary Care Trust.

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The Hospital League of Friends has organised the Milford Active Persons Light Exercise Group (MAPLE) which encourages people to undertake light exercise under the instruction of a qualified instructor. Two Groups are now in operation and the participants, with ages varying between the 60's and 90's enjoy and benefit from the exercises offered. Another initiative is the introduction of a bathing service at the hospital. Using parker baths, this service offers an opportunity to those who find it difficult to use the bath at home to enjoy a good soak in a safe environment,

If you wanted to find out more about the hospital's history, there is an excellent book available from The League of Friends entitled: 'Our Hospital'.

The League of Friends are always looking for volunteers, whilst not one of the most glamorous of volunteering opportunities in the village, it can be very rewarding, as they provide services that are so valuable to the more vulnerable in our community.

To find out more about volunteering, or to buy a copy of 'Our Hospital' please contact Julia below.

Milford Hospital League of Friends 
Julia Badham (Chairman) - 01590 645291

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