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Friday, 12 June 2015

Time for Fishing

Milford on Sea Beach and Hurst Spit are very popular with fisherman, and with the wide variety of fish to be caught that is of little surprise.

Dependant on the time of years the sea around Milford are great for catching many species, such as Rays, Sole, Bass, Bream, Turbot, Rockling, Dogfish, Pollack and even Smoothounds. In the winter months Cod, Pout and Whiting can be caught.

The bridge at Sturt Pond also provides a fun place for the kids to do some crabbing, providing great childhood memories.

We were recently sent a picture of a starfish found at low tide on the beach by The Marine. Thankfully it was not a jelly fish!

So, if you have a rod, grab some bait and see what bites!

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