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Friday, 15 May 2015

Happy 7th Birthday to Us!

We launched our first Milford on Sea village website on 20th May 2008, so this month we will be seven year old - and I don't look a day older!

Since launching the main website has had over 1.2 million visitors. In addition to this, the Village News website has now grown to over 500,000 page views! - Extraordinary how many people have nothing better to do! 

When we decided to create these websites, it was purely as a hobby, and to provide some more local information about the village. I say ‘we’, but there is only me, my wife (who inadvertently provides some story lines) & our two dogs (who contribute much less than they should!)

From day one we have always loved our independence, and we have never take a penny from anyone. This means we can say & do exactly what we like! As a result, we now have a number of spin offs which have been created for specific purposes.

We never really considered that people would enjoy what we built, however it is very satisfying to provide a number of free services to inform and entertain the local community. Surprisingly, some people even seem to see a value and enjoy some of nonsense published!

Thanks for your support, and for as long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!
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Websites & Events

Connecting the Village: We now have over 2400 local people who regularly receive our e-mail News Bulletins, and around 250 people who don't want it at all!

We are always looking for more people to join us, so if you can spread the word to any friends, family or neighbours who you think would like to get our newsletter, please ask them to send an e-mail asking for the Newsletter, to: We can then ensure all of our community are kept informed of local news, which on some occasions contain actual facts!

Milford on Sea Village Website: 
This site provides local information on Milford on Sea for visitors and locals alike. Discover what toi do, where to eat, where to stay ...and lots more.

Milford on Sea News: Our News Blog keeps people informed of village stories. Some are factual, other embellished, and others simply made up. Over 15,000 page views per month, with around 350 pages getting read every day. It also seems most people choose to come back!

Milford on Sea Calendar: This website details anything we hear about that is happening in the village, plus things that may be of interest nearby. The calendar also contains sections of 'Clubs & Classes', 'Dining Offers' and 'Church Services'. Over 500 people regularly visit to see what is going on.

To make sure that I have as little time as possible to irritate my wife, we also organise a couple of village events. Both are designed to put Milford on Sea on the map.

Again run by volunteers, the aim is entertain local people, and to draw visitors to the village to have a great food experience. At the same time we aim for the village accommodation providers and local shops to benefit from the additional visitors.

Milford on Sea Food Week: This biennial event is a true celebration of Milford on Sea as a Foodie destination, with over 100+ events that create a week of fun and eating, what could be better!

Love Milford Week: This event has shows and events providing opportunities to meet and discover; local artisan producers, craft makers, home businesses, tradesmen, professions, artists, authors, gardeners, environmentalists, clubs, classes and charities.

There is also a Kids Day for our young people to have a good time, and village musicians busking on the village green. We even have exciting cars from the village in an Exotic Car Show. To ensure the week is a true celebration, we add a weekend of comedy and music shows to let your hair down!

Milford on Sea Great Dining Bus: Dining with a Difference. Enjoy each course in a different village restaurant. A great way to spend time with friends and to enjoy the delights of various village kitchens. Not only is it a great day out, but also a wonderful way to support and experience our fine local restaurants.

The 'Eat, Shop, Play & Stay' Village Guide, is for Milford on Sea villagers and tourists alike. As titled, it carries details of all our village eateries and shops, gives ideas on thing to do and visit in the village, where to stay, plus community information, medical services & support groups, village charities, events and local clubs & classes for both adults and children.

The Village Tradesmen & Professional Services Guide is for everyone in the village to find village businesses that they may find of use - and there are a lot of them!

This guide will give you details of village builders, handymen, plumbers, electricians, home cleaners, hairdressers, painters & decorators, plasters, tilers, window cleaners, gardeners, car repairers etc.  Plus professional village services such as; architects, interior designers, web designers, photographers, marketing services, consultants and solicitor. The guide even has all our local cake makers, chutney maker and so much more...

The two new free Village Guides were published in Spring 2015, and are now available in the village newsagents and most village shops, cafés and pubs. Collectively, the two guides have over 900 entries, and all are in Milford on Sea!  It is quite unbelievable how much goes on in our small community.

These guides were designed and created for free by, and the printing costs funded by Food Week. The guides were also generously sponsored by the Brand New Forest Card and Hall & Woodhouse, owners of The Beach House, both of whom are great supporters of events & activities in Milford on Sea.

Pick up your free copy in the village newsagents today.

You can also find us on Facebook when we find the time to add stuff!

Just visit: to become our friend.

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