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Monday, 6 January 2014

Kids to Teach Silver Surfers

Ever looked at a computer screen and wondered what goes on in that funny little box? Ever heard people talk about Google, Twitter, E-Bay & Skype and wondered what planet they have come from?
Well, wonder no longer, the youngsters at Milford-on-Sea CE Primary School are looking to teach Silver Surfers the way around a computer on a couple of dates over the next couple of months.
You don't need to be a 'techy' at any level, you will simply learn the easiest way to use things that may be very useful to you.
A Silver surfer is a person of a certain age, who discovers the fascinating world of the computer - and that could be you!
If you would you benefit from some friendly, basic support in using computers and the internet? Some of the schools Y6 pupils would like to offer their help, and will be holding initial ‘Silver Surfer’ sessions in the School ICT Suite on the following dates:
• Wednesday 22nd January -9.30-11.30am
• Wednesday 5th February -9.30-11.30am

To book a place, please call the School Office on: 01590 642945.

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