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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Damp Beach Hut Going Cheap

Have you ever fancied a beach hut on Milford on Sea seafront for the balmy days of summer?

Damp Beach Hut For Sale!
(Click Sky News image above to enlarge)
Just think, adhoc BBQ's on the beach, ...a glass of wine or two watching the panoramic sunset, ...precious time laughing with family & friends, ...romantic kisses with the sound of the sea in the background, ...Sunday mornings reading the newspaper in a deckchair whilst bacon sizzles on your single electric ring, ...or a quick skinny dip with a shapely mermaid. (Perhaps the last one is just for me!)

I am sure we have all heard the amazing prices some beach huts go for, and some owners dress them as well as their own homes, by decorating them with candy stripes, beach memorabilia and sea flotsam.

You may have noticed that the past three weeks has not been the best weather! Indeed record storms, The Marine car park flooded, roof tiles in pieces on the floor, horizontal rain flashing past the window, thunder, lightning, waves constantly scaling the top of the beach huts, and our friends fence gone, as a fallen giant tree's root ball smashed it into matchsticks.

(Click Sky News image above to enlarge)

Anyway, back to the perfect summer beach hut.

To assist any potential sellers, Sky News kindly send a helicopter into the sky above Milford on Sea yesterday, and took aerial shots of your next potential summer home.

A few bargains may be around right now. You may have to buy one without a door, and with a metre of beach pebbles inside, but that can be fixed in a matter of weeks, ...just in time for the storms expected in March. Just think, the sun will be back for a short while in a few months and then you could have a couple of days living the dream!

If you are interested in buying a concrete box with a tin roof, please contact:

PS: Should you buy one, we know a very good man for repairs and storm damage rebuilds!

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  1. a property in milford that I could just about afford.