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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

From Bank to Beauty

What is a man to do? So many beauty salons and not enough time to try all the treatments!
Looking good in Milford on Sea has always been easy, the backdrop is always attractive and with two fine beauty salons in the village, plus another in The Granary at Newlands Manor Farm, we have all been spoilt for choice.
Well, that choice is about to become harder, as a popular beauty specialist is opening a new beauty boutique at what was previously HSBC Bank in Church Hill, Milford on Sea.

Tu Sei Bella's founder is local girl, Caileigh Mann, her original beauty boutique was based in Sway, and she is now relocating to Milford on Sea village centre. Caileigh will be holding an Open Day next Saturday, 16th November 2013, where everyone is invited.

My own experiences of beauty salons can best be described as chequered. After a particularly good night out in London, a 'good' friend shaved my eyebrows off when I was asleep. I was later informed that this 'is funny'. (Only to the perpetrator me thinks.) The next morning I discovered to my disappointment that beauty salons can only pluck eyelashes, and not replace them.
On another occasion, I was on a particularly lively stag weekend, when one of the gathered bunch of idiots thought it would be a good idea if we all got our bits waxed. Fortunately, the majority disagreed.

As the stag evening progressed, the majority opinion slowly moved with each pint, and by 7pm we were all on the beauty parlour table being covered in hot liquid, ...with each tear of waxing strip creating a pitiful muffled group scream. None of us wanted to show our suffering, as we were of course 'real men'. Well, that was until one guy burst into sobs of tears, followed by a dozen guys wailing like a riled bunch of banshees. (This could have been a lot worse, as someone else had suggested a tattoo. Thankfully I prefer to personally choose my tattoos when sober, rather than them being chosen by a inebriated mob of imbeciles, or 'friends' as they like to consider themselves.)
These stories probably shouldn't be shared, but if it helps just one poor man along the way, then it will have been worth it.
Anyway, back to today's events. Tu Sei Bella (Italian for 'You are beautiful') is opening next Saturday (16th November). The professional and friendly new boutique offers you a wide range of beauty treatments in the heart of Milford on Sea.

Caileigh has lived in Milford on Sea since 2004 and is a qualified beauty specialist trained at VTCT. Her numerous qualifications include; Beauty specialist level 2, Reflexology level 2, Swedish massage level 3 and Electrolysis level 3. Most importantly, she loves making people look and feel great!

Tu Sei Bella welcomes female and male clients to relax and enjoy the treatments on offer, and the treatments can be adapted to suit your individual needs. Their services include; full body massage, luxury manicure, Eve Taylor facials, Hopi ear candling, Waxing, Pedicures, Reflexology, Fake Bake spray tanning, Lash and brow treatments.  If there is anything not on their list, they are also happy to do their best to accommodate you.

Right, I am off to book a 'Beauty Tour', with a treatment in each village beauty establishment. I will start with a full body massage, then a bit of exfoliation, a slim wrap, followed by a fake tan, and finally to compliment my new look, I shall finish with a complete gentleman's waxing.

I haven't told my wife, but I am sure it will give her a thrill, or perhaps a mild heart attack!


Tu Sei Bella Open Day | Saturday 16th November - 10am to 4pm

Everyone is invited to go along, take a look around and to meet the team.
20% Discount for any bookings taken on the day | Winter Warmer Offers.
Enjoy a coffee or glass of wine whilst you are there.


BEAUTY SALONS in Milford on Sea
The Retreat Beauty Salon
Tel: 01590 645151
76 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD

JW Health & Holistics
Tel: 01590 645947
The Old Bank House, 5 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QF

Acacia Beauty Academy
Tel: 01590 645547
The Granary, Newlands Manor Farm, Milford on Sea, SO41 0JH

Tu Sei Bella
Tel: 01590 719384
5 Church Hill, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QH


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