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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Milford: World Fashion Capital

Seafront & Beach Huts
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We recently had an interesting e-mail from Gwen Peden, formerly of Gwen's Ladies Fashions in Milford on Sea High Street.
The bug for clothing and fashion obviously runs in the family, as Gwen tells us; "Our granddaughter Emily, who lives in Toronto, came to visit us in July and enjoyed some lovely visits to our beach hut. Back home in Canada she was browsing a fashion company named (Canadian company) and discovered that they had used Milford on Sea for a fashion shoot and that one of the photos was taken almost outside our beach hut!!! What an amazing coincidence!"
This prompted you intrepid and deluded editor to take a look. Sure enough, Milford on Sea is the background for a number of the fashion shots.
One set of pictures are taken on the Milford on Sea Seafront with the Beach Huts, another outside Mr Pinks Fish & Chip Shop (with one of the models eating a bag of chips, good girl!) Others have been taken at the New Forest Ice Cream factory in Lymington. (One fo their directors lives in the village.)
Mr Pinks Fish & Chip Shop
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The big question is of course, how do scenes from Milford on Sea end up on the website of a major retailer in Canada, who doesn't even sell in the UK?
Gwen discovered that the photographer is Valerie Phillips, who is a New York born fashion photographer, based in London. I wonder if she has any connection with Milford on Sea?
If anyone knows any more, please post a comment below.
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New Forest Ice Cream
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Milford on Sea Images are on the 'Tough Love' Pages.

Valerie Phillips Photography


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  1. The editor in chief of Aritzia magazine's parents live in Milford!! xx