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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Food Week Meeting Update

Following an enthusiastic attendance at the Food Week Public Meeting a couple of weeks ago, we now have a good number of Volunteers enlisted to help out during Food Week. We have no idea with what yet, but if you would like to join the list please send your details to and we will give you the choice to lend a hand somewhere if you would like.

Events for Food Week are now coming in thick and fast, as we try to tie down all of the activities in order to send the programme for printing in January. All of our local charities have also been invited to join in to raise funds for their own good causes. Our local eateries, shops and businesses have been generous in providing support & sponsorship, so everything is well on track.

If you, or your organisation, would like to get involved by running a ‘food related’ event of any kind, just let us know your ideas as soon as possible, the more the merrier! This is truly a ‘real community event’ with no expenses taken and all profits going to local good causes. A complete cross section of the village is involved from The Guides, to local people doing demonstrations in the Cookery Theatre, through to all of our pubs, cafes and restaurants. We are doing everything we can to make next year’s event really special so why not join in, or just make sure you are around from 11th to 17th April 2011 to enjoy the fun!

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