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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

League of Friends’ Summer Garden Party & Cream Tea

Milford Hospital League of Friends’ held Summer Garden Party & Strawberry Cream Tea last weekend.

The event raised the astonishing sum of £1,760 in the grounds of Milford War Memorial Hospital on the first Saturday in August. 

The sum raised was over double that of some previous years, and the community of Milford on Sea are to be thanked for their generous support in helping to raise funds for use by the community nurses, medical centre and of course the new Frailty Service, whose vehicle for this area has been fitted out with medical equipment purchased with the £16,000 donated by the League of Friends.

Over 200 people enjoyed the strawberry cream tea afternoon, and spent generously on buying gifts, toys, books and cakes, and trying the tombola and raffle. The kids’ games, and ice creams, also drew generous customers. 

Generous too were the important event sponsors; Faros Restaurant, and New Forest Fruit Company of Beaulieu who donated the strawberries, Rodda’s who donated the Cornish clotted cream, and Tiptree who gave the jams.

The cream teas fairly flew out of the kitchen into the gardens, and people were able to enjoy an afternoon of lovely live music by the Two Mikes, and also the beautiful duet singing of mother-and-daughter duo The Jems.

The weather kept fine, and the volunteers kept working, and a thoroughly happy and the productive afternoon closed with League of Friends’ chairman Julie Badham appealing for continuing support from the community for the much-valued War Memorial Hospital. 

She said it was only through community support that the League was able to raise the funds, and so provide help back into the community : “local services for local people”.

Volunteering at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery

St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery are looking for volunteers.

Do you have a spare morning or afternoon? then you could join the team as a volunteer!

The museum and art gallery offers an enjoyable experience of:

  • Giving back to your local community and being an ambassador for St Barbe
  • Being part of a team with regular social events
  • Helping visitors to Lymington and St Barbe to make the most of their time in our area
  • Helping visitors to enjoy their exhibitions
For more information about volunteering with us, just ask at the reception desk or email:

St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery
New Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9BH

Monday, 5 August 2019

Join in a Local Walk for Wellness

Melissa Page moved to Milford on Sea village in May last year and she has been regularly volunteering in the Community Centre Café. She would now like to use her particular skills in doing more for people in the village.

click image to enlarge
Melissa was a lawyer for 20 years before deciding to follow her passion for fitness and retrain as an accredited personal trainer. As a fairly inactive child and young adult Melissa, in an attempt to lose weight for her wedding, took up running and quickly became a dedicated gym bunny. She has run 4 marathons, the last of which she finished in 3 hours 37 minutes (coming 10th in her age group). Before moving to Milford she used to train people privately although she hasn’t done this since moving here. 

On arrival in Milford she completed her charitable fund raising commitment to run 50 kilometres every week for 50 weeks despite a prolonged knee injury. Over the last year Melissa realised how important running was, not only to her physical, but also her mental, health. At 51 she remains relatively fit and loves exercise, running & walking regularly with her husband. She is not intending to carry on with her personal training business for income but would love to help others in the community benefit both physically and mentally from regular outdoor activity and to enjoy some good company and chats with a group of like-minded people. 

click image to enlarge
So if anyone is interested in Walking for Wellness or Jogging for Joy Melissa is planning to run regular free sessions to help people of any age keep fit, as well as to have some fun social interaction doing what is generally acknowledged as a very effective health improver. The plan is to start easy, do some warm up exercises and a good stretch at the end. While the group is exercising there will be the opportunity to pick Melissa’s brains and to discuss health generally, nutrition and exercise – and of course just have a good old natter and some socialising. Followed always by a celebratory coffee at the end of the session! 

Initially the group will be mainly for general walking although there will be the opportunity to incorporate some jogging for those that wish to try and if there is enough interest the groups may be split into runners and walkers. 

The first session will be on Monday 19 August meeting outside The Needles cafe at 10am. The actual walk/jog will run for about an hour (covering approx. 3 miles for the walkers) with coffee and a well-earned cake and chat at the community centre afterwards. Beginners welcome and those that want to try to jog will be given some targets to reach. 

Please do remember that Melissa is doing this entirely on a voluntary basis to facilitate people coming together and any participation is at people’s own risk. 

For more information on the sessions of future dates please contact: Melissa Page on or call 07712 164310.

£1.5m Expansion Aim for South Lawn Hotel

South Lawn Hotel is proposing to undergo a £1.5m Expansion by adding an extra storey to provide an additional 18 bedrooms.

click image to enlarge
This major investment by Tim Wedgewood, owner/manager would create a number of job for people in and close to Milford on Sea.

The hotel currently has 26 bedrooms and struggles to meet current demand. The plan is that a large flat roof will be developed to provide extra accommodation without the need to increase the footprint.

click image to enlarge
The design and concept appears to have local support and if approved will increase tourism to the village for the benefit of local shops, restaurants and bars.

An Ice Cream Van and more...!

Debbie Head is the owner of the ice cream van that trades from the crabbing bridge at Sturt Pond on Hurst Spit out to Hurst Castle, Milford on Sea.

click image to enlarge
As you may expect, Debbie sells some wonderful ice cream for a day by the seaside, but less expected would be that she also has specialist ice cream for dogs, as well as crabbing lines for little (and big) kids!

Everything you need for perfect day out!

click image to enlarge

Debbie also has an Instagram account of 'Milfordonice' if you fancy checking it out.

Charity Shop seeks Part-Time Supervisor

Milford on Sea Community Centre are looking for a:

Part time Charity Shop Supervisor 

The Milford on Sea Community Centre is seeking a part-time Shop Supervisor to assist in operating our lively and friendly Village Charity Shop. 

Daily hours are 9.40am to 5pm, working 2 to 3 days per week, including frequent Saturday working. Flexibility in hours and days worked an advantage. 

Applications in writing to:
 Linda Bagnall (Trustee) at the Community Centre, Sea Lane, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PH


Where else can you build your own battleship?

Whilst the successful Cornwallis Remembered celebration were a month ago in the village, the the final month of the ‘Command of the Seas: the Navy and the New Forest against Napoleon’ at the St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington.

The exhibition has caught the public imagination. Here are some of the comments received: 
  • “One of the very best exhibitions I’ve been to in the past 10 years - Cornwallis is as great a naval leader as Nelson (but sadly not as famous).” 
  • “Wow Cool!!” 
  • “Learnt lots! Why oak is used for ship-building, why seamen ate 5,000 calories a day, and why Cornwallis joined the navy aged 11!” 
  • “Amazed at the high standard of presentation. The National Gallery would be pleased to have such an exhibition.” 
  • “Where else can you build your own battleship?” 
  • “Fantastic exhibition which brings history alive. Worth a second and third visit.” 
Napoleon’s army is poised to invade England, only the Channel Fleet commanded by Admiral William Cornwallis opposes them. This unique exhibition shows the role played by the Navy and the New Forest during the French Wars from 1793-1815. 

Make sure you don’t miss this “brilliant exhibition” – ends 1st September. 

St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery 
New Street, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 9BH 
Tel: 01590 676969

Open Daily Mon-Sat 10am-5pm | Sun 10am-4pm 

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Everton Hyundai Bowls Competition Winners

Congratulations to the 2 Milford on Sea Bowls Club teams who made it to the finals in this years Everton Hyundai Competition. The Winners were David Hall, Trevor Rock with guest Brian Jones and Garry Barnett, June Didlick & Fred Avery as runners up.

Great Day was had by all and thanks to all competitors and all who helped to once again make this a special day for Milford.

Top: Runners Up - Garry, Fred and June
Bottom: Winners - Brian, Trevor and David
 presentation by club president Rob Perkins
*click image to enlarge

Milford on Sea Bowls Club 

Monday, 29 July 2019

Creeks & Saltmarsh Birding Trip

Milford Conservation Volunteers: Report on Creeks & Saltmarsh Birding Trip & with the Guides, Brownies and Rainbows.

On Saturday 20th July 2019 everything had been arranged to take 12 young ladies out onto the marshes with Andy, our Hurst Castle Ferry Skipper for the morning to see what summer birds we could identify and show the girls. MCV had funded this special trip as part of their Biodiversity Action Plan objectives to help youngsters engage more with local wildlife and their habitats. 

During the night and early hours of the morning, it had rained continuously for several hours, but as we arrived at the Hurst Castle Ferry pontoon to be picked up, it stopped raining and the weather improved. Nevertheless, Andy handed out dry rubber seat covers to each tripper.

click image to enlarge
Jane and Rebecca (guiding leaders) had sorted out the necessary life belts and health and safety risk assessments had been undertaken. Permission had also been sought from each of the parents for us to capture a photograph of the girls enjoying their birding trip on the Dory. 

The visitors were welcomed bird by trip leader Keith Metcalf (MCV Conservation Officer). Richard Coomber (our knowledgeable birding guide) was also introduced and seven pairs of binoculars were handed out to all the girls with instructions on how best to use them correctly. We weighed anchor …….. it was about 35kilos ……..and away we sailed ….. okay, motored! Almost immediately, we located three Goosander in the harbour area which Richard had seen even before he had set foot on the boat! 

click image to enlarge
Skipper Andy first took us up the central main Keyhaven River channel (Long Reach) towards Hurst Castle where on the outward journey we saw a number of wading birds along the mudflats e.g. Little Egret, Curlew, Oystercatcher, Redshank, Cormorant and one or two Great Black-backed Gulls flying over us with their enormous wing-tip-to-wing-tip measurement of up to 1.7m (5ft 7inch) across. 

Our Skipper then noticed an isolated blackish coloured seabird with a yellowish bill. He immediately recognised the bird as a Common Scoter. Scoter’s are sea ducks and are usually seen further out into the Solent. This was an unusual sighting for the inner waters, though Andy confessed that he had been watching one close to the Castle for several preceding days! 

click image to enlarge
As we approached the Castle we saw a few Little Terns, some of them hovering briefly before diving from 10 or 20 foot above the water trying desperately to catch small fish to take back to their chicks in their nearby nesting sites. 

Upon turning back, we saw five Turnstones and then a single bird more or less in full summer plumage feeding amongst the seaweeds next to one of the pontoons. 

We made our way back towards the entrance to Mount Lake, where we saw a Kestrel land on the top of one of the boat masts. We got close to it, but it just stayed put as we glided underneath it. It was in this general location that ‘sharp-eyed’ Richard saw a Whimbrel which is a scarce migrant. It differs primarily from the more commonly seen Curlew in that it has a shorter bill which is distinctly ‘kinked’ towards the end. It also has a ‘V’ on its lower back when seen in flight, but so does the Curlew so this should not be used as a diagnostic feature. If seen close enough, Whimbrel have a dark brown line in front of its eye and a pale line over. 

We also started to see a mixture of Sandwich and Common Terns resting in the short vegetation close to the waters edge and more Little Terns fishing for their supper. Not seeing many birds around Mount Lake, we returned the way we had come and made our way back across the water towards Hawkers Lake. After a while, we pointed out the RSPB notice board advising visitors to the area to keep away as there are nesting Terns on the raised shingle beach. We saw numerous Sandwich, Common and Little Terns as we moved smartly past this vibrant nesting area. 

click image to enlarge
Quite soon after this we saw a single Brent Goose, who has remained in the Solent area for years after his friends and family have returned to Arctic Siberia. Another Brent has also been seen hanging around. This happens from time to time with some wintering birds and the Brent Goose we saw was probably the same one who has now remained with us for several years. A little further along Hawkers Lake we saw several Canada Goose which is now a regular breeding bird around the Solent area. We recorded about 18, but they were in quite long vegetation and kept popping their heads up at different times, so it was not easy to get an accurate count. A few Lapwing were seen quite a distance away, as was one of our largest sea duck, the Eider, which was too far off for anyone other than Richard and I to positively identify. If only we could have got a bit closer, but that would have taken us out into a choppy Solent so our skipper turned the boat. 

It was as we were returning along Hawkers that we briefly lost some depth of water. As far as the looks on the girls faces were concerned, this was undoubtedly the highlight and most enjoyable part of the trip as we asked them to move their collective weight from one side of the boat to the other to help free us. This is why all our trips are started on a rising tide just in case we accidentally get caught out in shallower water. Within a few minutes the boat freed its self and we continued merrily on our way. It was here that we also encountered two Peregrine falcons, one with a food parcel which she guarded protectively from her mate, who flew off to another part of the beach. 

Peregrine carrying Stock Dove
Photo Credit – Chris Corbin
click image to enlarge
A number of other birds were recorded on the trip which bought our mornings tally to 28 different species. As we arrived back at the pontoon a few minutes behind schedule, we handed out gift wallets to each youngster to remind them of their birding visit. However, even before we docked, one of the girls shouted excitedly across to her Mum, “It was so good, we got stuck in mud!!!! ……… Keith said, ‘hey, what about all the birds we saw?’ 

As the girls were safely returned to dry land, the heavens opened and we all got thoroughly soaked making our way back to our vehicles. However, we think they all enjoyed the trip? 

Next year, we look forward to taking the girls back out again, and to inviting the Sea Scouts and Beavers to join us on a free birding trip around the exciting Keyhaven salt marshes.

Milford Conservation Volunteers

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Research into Keyhaven Salt Marshes

James Kerr is a master's student, studying at the University of Portsmouth. He is currently working on his dissertation research project which is looking at the value of ecosystem services provided by Salt marshes, particularly the Keyhaven salt marshes as they have interest to him personally, in terms of future management with regards to sea level rise and erosion. 

Previous studies have looked at monetary values but these ecosystems provide much more benefits to society such as, recreational value, mental health value, physical values and the unseen benefits such as carbon capture and storage. Due to sea level rise and salt marsh erosion, there will slowly be a loss of salt marsh which brings difficulty with future flood defence, conservation conflicts, habitat loss compensation and long term funding of sea defence. 

James is collecting data from visitors to Keyhaven through a questionnaire, researching the value and knowledge of salt marsh ecosystems services. This will hopefully reveal the different user groups knowledge of issues with the salt marshes, awareness of the benefits and the most valued services which could potentially benefit future management decisions. 

Making Milford more Magical this Christmas

Christmas Decoration Survey results are in!

Tracy Haupt and Diana Brushwood would like to thank all those who recently completed their Christmas Decoration Survey. Lots of positive feedback has been received and below, is a summary of the main responses. Thanks must also go to a large group of people who have very kindly supplied contact details to help Tracy and Diana where they can. 

Interestingly, a large proportion of responses suggested having more than one tree on the village green. People talked about having a Christmas tree ‘forest’, where different organisations would be provided with a small tree and then asked to decorate it in their own way. Inviting local groups such as the Scouts, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Pre-School and Primary School kids to plan and then decorate their own tree, would be such a great community project. Smaller trees might also help with the problem of severe wind gusts on the green. 

Tree & Village Decorations
It’s clear from the responses, that people firmly support the ‘natural’ theme suggested and for this to continue throughout the village centre. Many referred to the use of non-plastic and biodegradable decorations, which is understandable. 

There was a strong request for more lights on the main tree and if possible, sparkly lights and/or sparkly decorations in order to create an impact as you enter the village centre. Again, many people supported children being involved in making some of the decorations.

Village traders/businesses
An overwhelming response identified the desire for more of our local businesses to decorate their premises. Suggestions included each business decorating windows to a common theme, lighting their windows and having coordinated lights on the small Christmas trees above the premises. People also suggested that garlands could be used around shop windows and doors and natural wreaths on shop doorways. 

These responses will be presented to The Parish Council at their next meeting in September, to agree a suitable way forward. Following this, detailed planning will take place.

In order to know just how much can be done this year, Tracy and Diana do need to raise some funds from the community. A collection box will be sited in the Parish Office from the beginning of August, therefore please stop by and make a cash donation. Other fundraising ideas are being considered and ideas would be welcomed. 

Let’s all get behind this project and together, and make “Milford more Magical” this year!

For more information, more ideas or to volunteer to help please contact:
Tracy Haupt -
Diana Brushwood -

Winners at Milford Flower & Produce Show

The Milford Flower & Produce Show again enjoyed excellent quality exhibits in all classes. 

click image to enlarge
Children from local groups and school produced a wonderful variety of sunflower paintings and decorated flower pots, Hilary Sullivan was once again successful in the vegetable and fruit sections, and Carol Dickman exhibited some beautiful roses. 

It was especially pleasing to award James Butterworth the cup for best entry from a newcomer - he has taken up gardening whilst undergoing medical treatment, finding it enjoyable, therapeutic and satisfying. A great story to end the day.

The full list of cup winners:- 
  • Challenge, Weatherhead, Jim Asher and Polson Cups - Hilary Sullivan 
  • Margaret King, Dorothy Nightingale Cups and Fairbairn Rose Plate - Carol Dickman 
  • Joanne Weatherhead Cup - John Welsh 
  • Liz Jones Cup - James Butterworth 
  • Presidents Cup- Maggie Welsh 
  • Lucey Bowl - Carole Barnett 
  • Molly Miller Cup - Alison Abrams 
  • Danby Cup - Jean Robinson 
  • Hatchard Bowl - Carole Seeds 
  • Paterson Produce Cup - Patricia Sullivan 
  • Helen Cookson Cup - Milford Pre-School 
  • John Pither Cup - Christine Calder 
  • George Dowland Cup - Lexie Saunders 
  • The Photography Frame - Christine Twyford

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Interested in playing the violin?

Timothy Warren, a local professional instrumental music Consultant is hoping to start a new Adult beginner Violin Group called; ‘Fun On The Fiddle’. 

click image to enlarge
Timothy is aiming to run the classes on Friday mornings in the Community Centre and is looking for anyone who might be interested in learning to play the violin. 

For more information please contact Timothy on: 07733085290 or

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Magical Music Festival

Thousands of people enjoyed live music and glorious sunshine as the village hosted the annual Milford on Sea Music Festival last week. 

Now in its 19th year the hugely popular event featured everything from from orchestras, choirs, rock groups and jazz bands to poetry recitals and Morris Dancing. 

This year’s theme was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Flower Power movement and the first moon landing, with an increased focus on environmental measures such as re-useable cups and water refills. 

Festival committee chair Nova Milesko said: “We had an absolutely fantastic festival and the weather was just incredible – we could not have asked for more. After a year of hard work, it is so wonderful to see the whole event come together with so many people enjoying the music. 

“There was just an incredible community feel to the festival, and I would just like to thank all the volunteers, stall holders and Friends of the Festival for doing their bit to make it all possible.” 

“The profits from the bar and programme sales help to cover the cost of this free village event so I would also like to thank all those who supported the bar, purchased raffle tickets or bought a programme.” 

click image to enlarge
Thursday’s main stage acts included Milford-born singer-songwriter Carley Varley, folk-inspired musicians Plaitford Common, local band Shrinking Wrinkles and Bournemouth-based eight-piece The Blue Tides. 

Friday’s main-stage headliner act was REM tribute band REMbrant, which performed hits like Losing My Religion, Man On The Moon, Everybody Hurts, Shiny Happy People and What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?. 

click image to enlarge
Saturday’s highlights included a set from the Sarah Harrison Band, music from six-piece psychedelic pop rock band The Rising, and a showcase by 17-year old Emma Hardy accompanied by her band The Cowboy Outfit. 

Traditionally regarded as World Music Day, Sunday’s main stage programme began with a multi-denominational church service at 11am. The music then continued with sets from six-piece Celtic fusion band Melo Daemons, followed by psychedelic indie disco band Yeti Bianco. Afternoon performances included Mischa and His Merry Men, and Midnight Alliance. 

All Saints Church also hosted a programme of poetry, live music, choral performances, acapella groups and barber shop quartets throughout the day on Sunday. Highlights included a multi-media moon landing during a performance by the New Forest Orchestra and a grand finale by Milford own Total Voice Choir which was greeted with a standing ovation. 

Nova added: “We are always looking for friends of the festival and volunteers who can come forward to help fund and run next year’s event.” 

The festival team is also running a competition for the best photographs of the weekend. To enter upload pictures to Instagram with #milfordfestival. 

For more information about volunteering opportunities at next year’s event, please visit or email:

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Milford Art Group celebrates 46 years

Milford Art Group was formed in 1973 for local artists to get together and share their knowledge and expertise. The Group has been going now for 46 years and continues to have their annual exhibition in Milford Church Hall at the end of July. 

This year the Exhibition starts on Saturday 27th July at 10am until 10th August and is open daily from 10am to 5.30 pm except on Sundays when it opens at 11am. The Exhibition closes at 4pm on Saturday 10th August 2019. 

Their charity, again this year, is the Explorer Scouts who help us with the clearing of the hall for the Exhibition and again at the end of the Exhibition. Donations given for refreshments go to the Scouts too. Entry to the Exhibition and parking is free. 

The Group meets on the 1st Thursday of each month in Milford Church Hall, Church Hill, Milford on Sea, at 2.15pm where the members enjoy various demonstrations given by well known Artists. The demonstrations cover all painting media, Watercolour, Acrylics, Pastel and Oil. They have a large screen television and video camera which can zoom in to the demonstrator’s work, giving the audience a better appreciation of the demonstration. A microphone is also used so that everyone can enjoy the occasion. Visitors are all very welcome for a small fee.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Memories of Cornwallis Remembered Events

click image to enlarge
Hundreds of villagers and invited dignitaries enjoyed the Cornwallis Remembered celebrations on the village green and in surrounding locations on Friday 5th July.

Many of the events have been recorded in pictures by Paul French of Southpoint Films and you can experience or re-live the event by Clicking Here to see Full Album

Christopher Beeton (Senior village resident)
& Post Chaise
click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

A video of the Church service is to follow.

All  published images taken by: Paul French of Southpoint Films - - 0800 009 6982


Illustration by Shaun Stevens
click image to enlarge
Illustration by
Shaun Stevens
click image to enlarge
The Admirals’ Trail  
As a lasting resource, a heritage trail from Hurst Castle through Milford and surrounding towns and villages on to Bucklers Hard and Calshot Castle.

Copies of the free leaflet are available from Milford on Sea newsagents, Hurst castel shop or the Parish Council office.

Illustration by Shaun Stevens
click image to enlarge
Illustration by Shaun Stevens
click image to enlarge


Background Information 

Milford-on-Sea Historical Record Society and The 1805 Club (which was founded in 1990 to preserve and care for the memorials and graves of those associated with the sailing navy of the Georgian era) are holding a number of important events in July 2019 to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Death of Admiral Cornwallis (who had lived at Newlands Manor, Milford on Sea). 

A Brief Background: The 5th July 2019 marks the bi-centenary of the death of Admiral the Hon Sir William Cornwallis, one of England’s most renowned admirals. He settled in Milford in 1800 shortly before being appointed Commander in Chief of the Channel Fleet in 1801 and from 1803-1806. It was during this period that Napoleon planned, and came close to executing, an invasion of England. Cornwallis displayed courage, perseverance, determination and leadership through his blockade of the French fleet at Brest and other ports which frustrated Napoleon’s plans to invade England. This action, in the face of major logistical and strategic difficulties and through two winters of unusually severe weather even for the seas off the coasts of Brittany, secured his reputation as one of the greatest admirals of the Royal Navy, respected by his fellow officers, loved by his men, and revered by Nelson. The achievement of preventing a major invasion stands alongside the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 and the Battle of Britain in 1940 in the annals of this country. 

Admiral Cornwallis etching
click image to enlarge
Admiral Cornwallis, Captain Whitby & Nelson: Admiral Cornwallis acquired the Newlands estate in Milford by lease in 1800 and later purchased the property. He was a close friend of Lord Nelson, a life-long bachelor and formed a great friendship with John Whitby who was his Flag Captain and whom he regarded as a son. After the Battle of Trafalgar and the death of Lord Nelson, it was naval Captain Whitby who broke the news to Nelson’s mistress, Lady Hamilton. 

Cornwallis’ Grave and The Three Admirals: In recent years the location of Cornwallis’ grave in the churchyard of All Saints, Milford has been unknown. Cornwallis asked to be buried in an unmarked grave next to his good friend Captain John Whitby. This request was adhered to by Mrs Whitby, but her daughter, Mrs Theresa West, erected a very fine monument in the church, the old gravestone was abandoned, and all memory of it was lost. 

Admiral Cornwallis etching
click image to enlarge
In 2014 Cornwallis’ grave was discovered but was in poor repair. The Whitby/Cornwallis ledger was conserved to prevent any further deterioration. It was decided to renovate the ledger together with the memorial in the church to a second naval officer who served with distinction in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, Rear Admiral John Peyton has been restored. A third senior naval officer and friend of Cornwallis, Admiral Robert Man, is also buried at All Saints, Milford. 

The Cornwallis Remembered celebrations chairman was 
Christopher Hobby and event organised by: 

For further information please contact: David Long at:

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Discover the The Arts Society in MoS

The Arts Society Milford on Sea hold lively, unmissable monthly lectures by internationally recognised experts.

Be transported away from the chaos of everyday life – to the beauty of fine paintings; the glory of architecture; the unique engineering and craftsmanship of motor cars or the genius of composers.

The 40 minute lectures, given by world class professionals, embrace every Art Form and the life stories behind the most gifted men and women who inspired them.

You can join this group of lovely like-minded people for only £46 a year.

New members are assured of a warm welcome and new friendships. 

For more information about joining, call Adrian (Chairman) on 01590 645421.

The Arts Society Milford on Sea

2019 Programme below:

All Saints Church Hall, Greenbanks Close, Milford on Sea, Hampshire SO41 0SQ

Start time:
10.40am with coffee from 10am

click image to enlarge

Milford on Sea will soon have its very own minibus!

The Milford On Sea Charitable Trust is aiming to introduce a community minibus in the near future for the benefit of residents of Milford and the surrounding area including Everton, Keyhaven, Downton and Lymore. 

Many local organisations are signing up to using the bus. But the trust need everyone’s help, young and old, to plan what the minibus is used for - and the team will need help to get the project up and running and to support its operation.

Come to the Community Centre at 10 o’clock on Saturday July 20th to find out all about it - and enjoy the free morning coffee!

If you can’t come to the meeting but would like to get involved or find out more about the project please contact the Project Coordinator: Ivan Chandler on

Milford on Sea Charitable Trust is a registered charity.