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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Beautiful Demoiselle Spotted by the Dane Stream

An eagle eyed reader, Eric Lewis spotted and captured these excellent photographs of a Beautiful Demoiselle whilst in the woods by the Dane Stream in Milford on Sea.

Click image to enlarge
The beautiful demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo) is a European damselfly. It is often found along fast-flowing waters where it is most at home. Click here for more information.

Friday, 16 June 2017

The White Horse Opens a Tea Room

Paul Rand, the landlord at The White Horse in Milford on Sea has opened a Tea Room, alongside its usual pub activities.

You can visit the The Tea Room any Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm, and a copy of the menu is below.

To celebrate, Paul is offering today and tomorrow (Saturday 17th June) a free tea or coffee when you buy a sandwich or premium cake.

click image to enlarge

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The pub also has an beer garden with a childrens' play area.

If you fancy some weekend entertainment, this Saturday The White Horse has live music with the Blue Quays from 9pm to 11.30pm.

£3 million Montague Dawson Art Sale

The Daily Echo has reported that A £3 million collection of oil paintings by Milford on Sea based and great marine artist, Montague Dawson, is being sold this month.

The art collection includes a £120,000 picture, The Stricken Kelly, which features the ill-fated Hampshire warship HMS Kelly, commanded by Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

Two other Dawson paintings – The Silver Moon-Nocturne and Trimming The Sails – will be offered for sale at £375,000 and £200,000 respectively.

Collectively the  art collection could reach a sale value of £3m for the lucky owner.

Montague Dawson, F.R.S.A., R.S.M.A. (British, 1895-1973) once lived at 1 Hurst Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PY, and a plaque sits on the white walls of the property today.

Stricken Kelly

The Silver Moon Nocturne

Trimming the Sails
To read the full Daily Echo  article please click here.

No64 Biscuit House in Hampshire Living

No64 Biscuit House once again find themselves in the news, this time with a three page article in this month's Hampshire Living, part of Hampshire Life.

The front cover heading is "Living the Danish Dream: Interior Styling with Clare Southcombe-Holmes" and talks about Clare's career, new home and business.

To read full article, please click here.

click image to enlarge

No64 Biscuit House
High Street, Milford on Sea

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Vote for our village businesses in Muddy Stilettos Awards

Four of our village businesses have been shortlisted as finalists in the The Muddy Stiletto Awards, and your vote can help them to win.

No64 Biscuit House are in the best interiors shop category - 

Sam's Bar at The Cave
 are in shortlist of five for best bar -

Lisa's Larder are competing in the farmshop/deli category

Verveine are also up for an award in the best restaurant category -

The voting opens from midday today (Saturday 10th June) for one week.

To vote in The Muddy Stilettos Awards please click here. A great time to show our local businesses that we love them!

Ed's Note: Seems that the voting closed before lunchtime on Friday 16th June  (Today). No idea why the closed early!!

Weird World of MoS Souvenirs

Over the decades holiday makers have bought some very strange souvenirs from Milford on Sea. I suspect that visits to our great range of village pubs may have contributed to the decision making process!

click image to enlarge
To take a look at a lot more of the Weird World of Milford on Sea Souvenirs - please click here.

Hugh Retires from Hugh Whitlock Solicitors

click to enlarge
It’s all change at Hugh Whitlock Solicitors. You may have noticed the new signage - ‘Dagless and Whitlock Solicitors’. After 45 years as a Solicitor, 25 of them in Milford on Sea sole practitioner Hugh Whitlock has retired - as you can see he is rather relaxed in the photograph!

click to enlarge
Hugh is also known in the village in various disguises from a sleazy car/cow dealer to this year’s Genie of the Lamp in the village pantomimes.

Hugh qualified as a Solicitor in 1972 and worked with Richards Butler in the City of London before moving to Winchester and taking a partnership with Shentons. He then moved to the village to set up his own practice, first from a small office in the High Street and then moving to the existing offices at number 44. He was delighted to take on a partner - Louise Allonby – who had first worked with Hugh as a student on a work placement from university. Louise was with the practice for several years until she left to have her first baby - she now has three! So Hugh became a sole practitioner again.

Three years ago Niels Dagless joined the firm as an assistant Solicitor always with succession in mind. So, from the end of April of this year Niels has taken over, given the practice a new look along with an established staff of Billie, Ellie and Otillia and Hugh has become a consultant to the firm, working on a part time basis for the next year. Hugh will be pleased to see old and new clients and is delighted to be supporting the Dagless and Whitlock practice as a consultant. Not sure about next year’s pantomime though!

Scammers target Zaika

A reader has let us know of a scam phone call they received the other night.

The caller offered them the opportunity to buy some sort of VIP card for £55 which would give them various extras at Zaika Indian Restaurant in Milford on Sea High Street. 

Obviously they expressed surprise as the restaurant is currently closed, which the caller was unaware of.

The caller was ready to take payment over the phone on a card, but they wisely declined!


The fate of Zaika Indian Restaurant remains a mystery. 

For some months now the window has carried a sign saying a new chef is on the way with an exciting new menu.

We have tried to contact the restaurant, but with no success. So, the news is that we have no news! (Quality journalism from these pages as always!)

I guess the new chef has either got lost on his way, or is still looking for ingredients for his new menu. - Either way, not having a curry house on the doorstep is giving me significant withdrawal symptoms!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Belle Epoque Reopens

The quirky Belle Epoque has reopened at the previous high street location of The Raft (which is now located at The Marine on Milford on Sea seafront, and serving great food and drinks all day and evening.)

Belle Epoque has a eclectic range of second hand and antique items for sale alongside a new lunch menu.

Belle Epoque
11 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QF

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Milford Artist's painting sells for $32,000

A painting by a famous Milford on Sea resident has fetched $32,000 at a Christie's auction in the Rockefeller Center, New York on 23rd May 2017.

Montague Dawson, F.R.S.A., R.S.M.A. (British, 1895-1973) once lived at 1 Hurst Road, Milford on Sea, SO41 0PY, and a plaque sits on the white walls of the property today.

The artwork is entitled: Bowling Along - 'The Glorious Lightning'.

click image to enlarge
An interesting article appeared in The Daily Echo which told more about the life of Montague Dawson:

Food was so scarce in some parts of Hampshire during the Second World War that at one point artist Montague Dawson survived by living on soup made from lawn cuttings and nettles.

Mr Dawson survived this hardship and went on to become, in the 1960s, one of the world’s highest paid artists.

He enjoyed an annual income of £100,000 when in 1967 the average Southampton house cost £4,050.

Montague Dawson died at the Western Hospital, Southampton, on May 21,1973. He was buried at Boldre Church, Lymington.

You can read the full Daily Echo article by clicking here.

The latest book in The Hurst Chronicles

This time last year Robin Crumby launched a new book series 'The Hurst Chronicles' set at Hurst Castle in the aftermath of a flu pandemic. 

click image to enlarge
Robin said; "The book seemed to strike a chord with locals who sent me several suggestions for historical references to include and plot lines for future books." 

He has just published book two in the series, titled 'Sentinel' which is now on sale. You can read the blurb and first few reviews by here clicking here

Robin also did an author interview which gives some interesting background. Please click here to see interview.

Robin Crumby (Author)

No64 Biscuit House wins Shop of the Month

No64 Biscuit House in Milford on Sea High Street has won Coast Magazine Shop of the Month.

click image to enlarge
This exciting and stylish new shop has only been open for 12 weeks, so it is pretty cool to get recognised so soon. 

If you haven't been inside the new shop yet, you can take a look at their range by clicking here.

Coast Magazine publishes a physical magazine and also has an online version that you purchase/subscribe to. Please click here.

No64 Biscuit House
64 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD - Don't forget to visit the No64 Online shop!
01590 643765

Friday, 26 May 2017

Another Award for Milford Travel

Last Tuesday, Christina at Milford Travel in Milford on Sea High Street, won an award at The Global Travel Group Conference. 

The award was for the Best Increase In Sales Retail South 2017, and Christina said; "It was basically a recognition for how fabulous my customers are!!"

Christina was previously an air hostess, and knows many great places around the world - and the best ways to get there!

Milford Travel offers a full range of travel services including; bespoke holidays, cruises, exotic trips, flights, and even coach trips.

Obviously a lot of holidays are now booked on the web, but to do this takes a fair bit of research, and ultimately nothing beats a nice dose of personal service - and supporting a village business!

Milford Travel
78 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QD
Facebook: click here

CPR Training for Village Clubs & Societies

The Milford on Sea Community Responders have recently been awarded CPR training equipment from the British Heart Foundation and would like to offer training to clubs and societies in the village.

 The training kit will teach trainees how to recognise cardiac arrest and carry out CPR on adults and children.

It uses a film tutorial on a DVD to demonstrate CPR skills. Participants watch the film and practice the skills on portable manikins.

It also shows how public access defibrillators work and their role in the live-saving process, so trainees are aware of their importance and are more confident to use one, if needed.

Up to 10 trainees can be accommodated at a time, you just need a location big enough for everyone to practice (about the same sort of space you would need for yoga.)

If you would like to arrange training sessions for your Village Clubs or Society, please contact John Blessing on 07984 144109.

About the Milford on Sea Community Responders

Milford on Sea now has a newly established Community First Responders group.

The Community First Responders support the South Central Ambulance Service and get deployed to appropriate emergency calls in the village. All are volunteers who donate their time and expertise for free. The group has been founded by Ross Woolgar, Terri Newton and Conrad Curtis.

The advantage of Community First Responders is that in many cases they can get there before the paramedics and commence life saving emergency treatment at the earliest opportunity, which significantly improves patients chances of survival.

If you would like to find out more, or help out with a donation, please contact: Conrad Curtis at

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!

We launched our first Milford on Sea village website on 20th May 2008, so it is now nine year old & and I don't look a day older!

Milford on Sea Website: When we decided to create this village website, it was purely as a hobby and to provide some more local information for locals and holidaymakers. I say ‘we’, but there is only me, my wife (who inadvertently provides occasional story lines) & our two dogs (who contribute much less than they should!)

From day one we have always loved our independence, and as we take no revenue from anyone this means we can say & do exactly what we like!

We never really considered that people would enjoy what we built, however it is very satisfying to provide a service to the local community which a number of people seem to enjoy.

The site has now taken on a life of its own, and a small hobby has now turned into a big one! As a result, we now have a number of spin offs which have been created for specific purposes to inform and entertain people across the village.

To date: has had 1,585,336 visitors - over a million people with nothing better to read! We are also averaging around 250 visits to the website every day.

Milford on Sea Calendar: This website details anything we hear about that is happening in the village, plus things that may be of interest nearby. The calendar also contains sections of 'Clubs & Classes' and 'Church Services'.

Enjoy Milford on Sea - News Bulletin: We are now up to Edition No. 377 and counting!

The News Bulletin has 2868 local people who regularly receive our e-mail, and 907 unsubscribed people who don't want to hear the village news at all!

Our News Blog keeps people informed with articles and news that is only village related. Some are factual, others embellished, and others simply made up. Over 25,000 News Pages get read every month, and with approaching 1 million page views since we started, it seems most people find something worth reading!

We are always looking for more people to receive the village news, so if you can spread the word to any friends, family or neighbours who you think would like to get our newsletter, please just ask them to send an e-mail to: or complete the form here: We can then ensure all of our community are kept informed of local news, which on some occasions contain actual facts!

Thanks for your support and for as long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!

Replacement Beach Huts Completed

click image to enlarge
Three years after the 80mph+ winds tore down the Milford on Sea beach huts on Valentine's Day 2014, the new replacement huts are now complete.

The lower promenade is now open to the public and may be accessed from either end. Work is ongoing to the balustrades on the upper promenade - along the beach hut roofs. The Hurst Road west car park has also been opened for public use.
The majority of hut owners have collected their hut keys and will have a busy time decorating and furnishing huts to their taste. The majority of owners are pleased with the way in which the scheme has turned out.

The works to replace 119 beach huts and improve the seafront was carried out by Raymond Brown Construction Ltd from Ringwood.

Beach Huts-Concrete Panels
click image to enlarge
The replacement beach huts have brightly coloured doors similar to the original ones. There are also concrete panels between the doors, and at the ends, which have a variety of designs which related to the local area or the sea.

There is also a new walkway with stainless steel handrails on top of the huts giving pedestrians a vantage point to take in the sea views.

Also new, is an access ramp at the western end near The White House which curves out to sea around the existing wartime pillbox.

click image to enlarge
In front of the beach huts the pathway is now wider giving more room for walkers and people using the beach huts.

Whether you love them or hate them (and there are strong views on both sides!), it is a vast improvement on the building site that has been on the seafront for so long.

All we need now is for the sunshine we are currently having to stay, and then everyone can enjoy the seafront in all its glory once again.

click image to enlarge

Valentine's Nightmare Storm
To read all that happened that night, please click here.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Crufts Friends for Life Award Winners at Dog Show

This year's Milford Fun Dog Show on Sunday 23rd July on the village green, will have the guest appearance of Haatchi and Owen, who won 2013 Friends for Life Award at Crufts, to go alongside the activities and festivities.

Here is a little about them...

Haatchi and Owen's story: One freezing night just over four years ago a man (never found) bludgeoned a five month old Anatolian Shepherd Dog over the head and left him to die on a railway line. The train driver spotted him seconds too late. The terrified puppy had one back leg and tail severed, but managed to crawl away. 

click image to enlarge 
Then followed a sequence of events to renew faith in human nature, through the people who saved his life, with those who were determined to find Haatchi a ‘forever home’ 

Owen Howkins, was a little boy born with a rare genetic disorder which causes his muscles to tense permanently, confining him to a wheelchair. It is isn’t everyone who could take on a giant, three legged dog, but from the moment Owen’s parents saw Haatchi interact with Owen when the two first met the morning after they had brought Haatchi home, Owen’s parents had no doubts that they would keep him. They are now inseparable and their lives were changed forever!

Just go along to meet this amazing pair at Milford Fun Dog Show and have a fun day out in support of the animal charity K9 Angels!

Milford Fun Dog Show also has a Trophy for ‘Best in Show’ Have a Go Dog Agility, 12 Doggie classes including the famous ‘sausage catching competition’, 26 Trade Stands, Refreshments and Cream Teas/Cakes in the Village Hall and much, much more!

Fed Up with Washing and Ironing?

No doubt most people find washing an ironing tedious, but not Karen O'Keefe, who is the owner of a local Hordle business Pressed2Impress.

click image to enlarge
Karen explains: "I started Pressed2Impress a few years ago having moved to the New Forest from Surrey with my two children. I decided to advertise for evening ironing work in the local newspaper. Within a few weeks I had attained half dozen clients in the Lymington area, within a month I had increased that to a dozen and they just kept on coming! I realised there was really was a clear demand for a great quality, professional ironing service. 

Within 6 months the word had spread and I had more and more work by recommendation. I started offering laundry services, mainly to aid our yachting and business clientel. We were then approached by Lymington boat builders and a few charter companies to help assist with private clients yachts and chartered over night stays. 

Within a year our clientele had doubled in size. As far as we know, there was no one else in the area providing such a niche service combining locality with quality service and finish with a fast turnaround. As far as we know, we are the only service used for the marine industry.

Most of our work is now on recommendation we serve many professional people who demand a high standard of service. 

I pride myself on maintaining a quality service which is second to none, delivering 100% perfection together with a friendly efficient and personal service."

If you fancy saving yourself some time or tedium, please contact Karen.

Pressed2Impress (Karen O'Keefe)
3 The Ostlers, Hordle, SO41 0FT
Tel: 01425 540092

Monday, 15 May 2017

Vacancies on Milford on Sea Parish Council

There is a vacancy for two Councillors on Milford-on-Sea’s Parish Council. 

If you are on the electoral roll at Milford-on-Sea, have been a resident for at least one year and would like to be considered for this voluntary role, please send a brief résumé and a covering letter into the Parish Office.

Parish Councillors do not represent political parties on the Parish Council. The Councillors sit on some of the Committees and sub-Committees of the Parish Council and represent the interests of the village in many different ways. They are all volunteers and are not paid for their time or effort.

Deadline for applications is 12th June. Interviews will be held on 19th June.

For an informal chat about the role please contact the Parish Office on:

01590 644410 or e-mail:

Milford on Sea Parish Council

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week 2017 begins on Sunday 14th May 2017.

It is 60 years since the first Christian Aid Week, which was initiated as a response to the post war situation of refugees in Europe.

As Alex Luxon explains: "This year all donations will go to helping those in different parts of the world who have faced these kinds of decisions: Do we die in a refugee camp than to die in a war? Do we risk our children’s lives in a plastic dinghy and leave behind everything and everybody we know? When the alternative is terror, starvation, bombs and bullets, almost anything is better.

This terrible choice is facing tens of millions of people worldwide - fleeing conflict, floods and earthquakes, making dangerous journeys in search of safety. Could you help Christian Aid to look after them in their camps?"

This week some streets will receive familiar envelopes, with invitations to contribute by taking donations to Mark in the Village News newsagent at the foot of the village green. Anyone can call in to donate and there will be also Street Collections on Friday morning 19th and Saturday 27th, and a Gardening quiz crossword at the annual Plant Fair on 20th May 2017.