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Sunday, 8 November 2020

Mark buys Eco-flow

Mark Nineham is a Milford on Sea resident and the Managing Director of his family run contract packing business based in Bournemouth, which is now in its 33rd year.

For the past 20 years they have been packing a product called the Eco-flow Tap Adaptor. The Tap Adapter is an extremely useful piece of kit that screws onto the end of your existing tap and gives you functions and flexibility you never had before. 

Mark explains that the The Key Features of the Eco-flow Tap Adapter are:
  • Reduces your water bill and do your bit for the environment: The Eco-flow Tap Adapter saves up to 18% of water when set to Shower Spray, and 11.5% water saving using the Aerated Flow setting. 
  • Makes sink cleaning easy with 360° rotation 
  • Two functions in one tap: choose between Aerated Flow for handwashing or filling the sink, and Shower Spray for rinsing plates and gently but effectively washing vegetables. 
Fit in moments, no tools required, start enjoying your new tap straight away.

Prices start from under £12.50.

Now, after packing the product for 20 years, and knowing how useful and effective the product is, Mark has actually bought the company which makes the Eco-flow Tap Adaptor.

After many months of re-branding and freshening up the website (of which they enlisted the creative skills of fellow villager Carrie Bugg of they are now all set for the launch.

To celebrate this, Mark is offering the readers of the Milford News Bulletin a special 10% discount off the order with free delivery. Just go to and enter MOSB10 at the checkout for your discount. 

click image to see how to fit the Eco-flow Tap Adaptor

Eco-flow Solutions Ltd

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