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Saturday, 13 June 2020

Face Masks for the community

Following a successful campaign of providing a range of protective equipment to the NHS and other Care Providers and in response to recent public announcements concerning the wearing of masks and face coverings New Forest Sewing for the NHS supported by the Rotary Club of Becton & District are concentrating most of their current effort on the production of masks and face coverings to meet a significantly increased demand from the public. 

Distribution points for the free masks are being set up in Milford on Sea, New Milton, Sway, Lymington, Pennington, Ringwood, Totton and Hythe & Waterside. Voluntary donations are being accepted from recipients of the masks the proceeds of which will be distributed to Oakhaven Hospice, New Forest Basic Bank and other local charities. Details of the distribution points are available from local COVID Support Groups. Click here for more information.

New Forest Basics Bank are anticipating significantly higher future demand for their service and are seeking to build up a reserve to meet the needs of those who will require support to feed their families. 

Masks on display at one of the
local distribution points
- click image to enlarge

For further information please contact Rotary Club of Becton & District:

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